Sunday, 22 June 2014

GBGW walk blog

Today my hoomans organised their first greyhound walk as part of the Great British Greyhound Walk (GBGW). The venue was Pype Hayes park in Erdington, Birmingham.
It's the 5th year of GBGW and the 4th time I've been on a GBGW walk and 4th location. Star and I had our blinged bandanas to show off.

We waited in our pop up tent whilst other hounds arrived. We had other hounds showing off their bandanas.

We had 4 lurchers on the walk. One of them was Millie wearing her honorary greyhound bandana. We do doggie training with Millie she's a lot better behaved than Star and has a helicopter tail when she gets excited.

At 11am we set off together into the secret garden a lovely flower section of the park that not many people know about. Then round the lake before a group photo. Star was walk leader as she loves being at the front. Whilst Hoomom & I were back markers wearing our dog walking high visibility jacket.

The weather was slightly overcast but warm. So lots of happy hounds.

As you can see from the next photo you can see the view that my twitter buddy @roundaboutjack had.

On reaching the junction of the cycle track we had a quick break for some water and then those doing the short walk headed back to the car. 13 of us went off onto the long walk. Along the cycle track through the fields and round to the shop for hooman toilet stop and cold drinks from the CO-OP whilst Hoomom handed out mini sausages.
Then walked back to the cars were Sam had lovely bowls of cold water for the hounds and squash for the hoomans. But I had a surprise liver cake that Hoodad sliced up into places and handed out.

Hopefully every enjoyed themselves and we had donations adding up to £20 that we will send off for GBGW. Thanks to everyone for attending my walk 31 greyhounds and 4 lurchers.
Here's to next years walk !

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