Saturday, 27 October 2012

Chatsworth garden walk blog

The last Saturday of the month is Bakewell, Derbyshire farmers market. Hoomans left Star and I in the car whilst stocking up on vegetables, mushrooms and ordered their Christmas turkey.

We walked round Bakewell with them and got fussed over in many of the dog friendly shops. After a 10 minute drive we arrived at Chatsworth house.

Chatsworth house is unlike many other stately homes not national trust or English Heritage but is an independent charitable trust where the 12th Duke and Duchess of Devonshire live.

Throughout the year they do special events in the house and gardens. I wanted to share this blog about the Halloween event.

Dogs are welcome in the gardens and surrounding estate (always on a lead). For Halloween the garden was a gruesome trail.

Carved out pumpkins (13 of them) were spread across the gardens in high and low places. Star and I like the low levelled ones.

It was also the last weekend of the beyond limits sculptures. This year it was the work of a single artist, the British sculptor Barry Flanagan, RA OBE (1941-2009).

In one section of the garden is a maze so we pulled the hoomans in. Being a sight hound I was sure I could see the way to the middle, so I lead the way!

We got scared at the middle as it was cursed !

We scared hoomans in the way out, they turned corners to bump into our big noses and pointy faces.

We then continued our walk to the kitchen garden where during Halloween it had been turned into a scarecrow cementry.

Walking down the hill to the exit Hoomom tried to leave me with a strange lady!

If you have never been to Chatsworth it's a must visit. For whats on visit

Future events include Christmas craft market and the house decorated for christmas. (Dames and villians theme this year).

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Fur friend's Friday - Digger blog

Today my fur friend Friday is slightly different. I'm introducing you all to Digger a greyhound who I've never met. Dad knows his Mom well so got me to introduce him to you.

Rooster Digger (Digger)
Greyhound - 100% certified!
How old are you?
I will be 9 in Oct 2012
Do you have any nick names?
Dig, The Digster

Where did you come from?
Where do you now live?
Who do you live with?
Alex B

Are you on any social networks?
No. Far too busy chasing rabbits in the park and meeting up with mates to do that!
Where did you race?
Birmingham and Nottingham mostly
Were you a good racer?
Must have been - I did 3 years, over 100 races. About 15 wins and 35 second places
When did I first met you?
Not rubbed noses with you yet but heard loads about you from my Mom
Favourite walk?
The park - with my friends
Favourite place to visit?
Rosemarie's house 2 doors away - she walks me and feeds me chicken a lot.

What is your daily kibble?
It was boring biscuits, but now I am a bit poorly its chicken and rice all the way - brilliant!
What is your favourite treat?
Oh you know, cheese, chicken, prawns, smoked salmon, sausages - anything that falls off the kitchen side really
What do you dislike?
Missing out on any of the above. Steps. Staffordshire bull terriers. Shiny floors. Puddles.
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat?
Whichever is closer
Favourite toy?
Furry, squeaky rabbit - gets murdered every morning.

Thanks for the interview Rolo I hope you like my pictures!