Thursday, 13 December 2012

Fur Friend Friday - Mina blog

Today is the last of 3 hounds that I know who live together - Mina

Lurcher (though my hu-mum calls me a Greyhound)
How old are you/when were you born?
I don’t know when I was born as I was found as a stray and I’m not tattooed. So my humum has given me the same birthday as her – 4 March. My humans think I’m around 10 years old.

Where did you come from?
I was found as a stray puppy in Newcastle upon Tyne and adopted by my hoomans.
Where do you now live?
In a lovely village near Market Rasen
Who do you live with?
My hu-mum & hu-dad, along with Jasper, Stevie and Tula the cat (yes, I live with a cat!)

Are you on any social networks?
No but my hu-mum is on Twitter - @sukesu and so is Jasper - @JaspertheHound. I do feature in my hu-mum’s blog a lot though –

When did I first met you?
At the Great Greyhound Gathering 2011
Favourite walk?
Cherryburn in Northumberland – I go swimming in the river
Favourite place to visit?
Cornwall. I’ve been on two holidays to Cornwall and I love the beaches (and Cornish pasties)

What is your Daily kibble?
James Wellbeloved cereal free kibble (I can’t eat wheat)
What is your favourite treat?
My hu-mum’s homemade liver cake.

Your Mom gave me some at GGG it's truely nommie !
What do you dislike?
Not getting my own way (only kidding)! I don’t like dogs who come to sniff my bottom – it’s very rude!
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat?
Rabbit! I once caught a rabbit right in front of my hu-dad, when I was younger. I don’t chase cats as I live with a cat called Tula.
Favourite toy?
I have lots of favourite toys! I love my space lobber and I love playing with my Katie’s Bumper toys with my humum..

Any other comments
I like to bust a lot of greyhound myths…I’m very good at recall and enjoy learning tricks (I do a mean roll out the carpet) and I’ve just started learning agility with my hu-mum – I love it!

Ooh, and I won the Golden Oldie category at the Scruffts heat at the Lincolnshire Show this year.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Santapaws visit blog

Had a busy day today. 1 hour doggie training then into the car to go and visit Dogs Trust Honiley (Kenilworth).

For those of you who don't know when I couldn't find a forever home in Barleys kennels I got moved to Dogs Trust.

Lucky for me I only spent 1 month there before my hoomans picked me up. I always nag my hoomans to support any events they do.

I showed Star where some of the kennels are where less fortunate dogs are. We both wore our #houndsoftwitter bandana's. It was their virgin wear in public.

The Christmas fair was great Dogs Trust merchandise (got 200 poo bags) are hoomans trying to say I poo a lot! They were selling books, bric-a-brac, tombola, but more importantly Santapaws visited.

This is where I first met my hoomans. Soon walked past this and into the log cabin to see Santapaws.

We both got presents from Santa mine is long and thin it may squeek but Mom wouldn't let me bite it. Only 24 days to go before I find out. I think Star got a bowl.

I hope they raised lots of money. I enjoyed my trip back but I prefer my forever home.