Thursday, 26 July 2012

Fur Friends Friday - Betty blog

Today I'm introducing my newest friend to you all- Betty

Name Betty
Breed. Yorkshire terrier
Colour. Blue and tan
How old are you? I'm 3
where did you come from? RSPCA Laybourne, Kent
Where do you now live? Kent
Who do you live with? Pops Harry
Are you on any social networks? No Pops not on the net.

Thanks for letting me be the first non sight hound to be featured on your blog. Not being a racer I don't know my family history so I'm jealous of you and Star being able to see that you are cousins.

When did I first met you? At my house in Kent as I live with your hooman mom's Dad or your Kent Grandad as you call him. July 2012
Favourite walk? Let loose in Hempstead park chasing other dogs
Favourite place to visit? The park

What is your Daily kibble? James Well beloved - turkey and rice
What is your favourite treat? Gravy bones
What do you dislike? Yet to come across something
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat? Cat - chase the moggies !
Favourite toy? Any soft ball
Any other comments
I look forward to your visits to see pops and I.
You will just have to get used to my barking.

Next week it's the second of the 3 greys that live together Jasper.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Stratford walk blog

Sunday 15th June Star and I had a nice trip over to Stratford upon Avon for a greyhound walk with the Perry Barr RGT. The walk was a new venue because the racecourse where we normally walk was in use by the horses! How very dare they!

The start was at the New Inn Pub, Clifford Chambers a couple of miles outside the town. We parked on the field. The local companion care vets who work at Stratford's Pets at Home also joined us. One of the nice vets cut my nails which were in real need.
About 40 of us were on the walk including dogs I knew such as Milly a lurcher who is in my Saturday doggie class. We set off at 11 down the lane past the church.

Then at the end of the lane before walking down a wet lane past a lovely cottage.

The walk last about 50 minutes including walking in the middle of some corn fields.

The companion care vets had prepared lovely goodie bags for all walkers. A bookmark, bone shaped USB stick, and leaflets but sadly no treats. But I did get a certificate that I can add to my collection.

It was a good walk and we managed to stay dry although my paws got muddy from all the puddles.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Fur Friends Friday - Stevie blog

Today is the first of three hounds that all live together - it's Stevie

Name - Stevie
Do you have any nicknames?
Stevie Sausage (cos I love sausages) or Stevie Wonder (as she says I’m wonderful!)
Breed - Greyhound
Colour - Blue and white
How old are you/when were you born?
I was born on 6 July 2002 and will be 10 this year! - oh last week the first photo is me playing with my birthday toy!
Where did you come from?
Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust
Where do you now live?
In a lovely village near Market Rasen
Who do you live with?
My hu-mum & hu-dad, along with Mina, Jasper and Tula the cat (yes, I live with a cat!)
Are you on any social networks?
No but my hu-mum is on Twitter - @sukesu as is Jasper - @JaspertheHound

Where did you race?
I raced mainly at Mildenhall and Rye Hill
What was your racing name?
Robs Diamond ( )
What were you parents names? (sire & dam)
Droopys Vieri (sire) Droopys Sally (dam)
Were you a good racer?
I ran 74 races, mainly in Open and various Grades, I won 12 of them.
When did I first met you?
Great Greyhound Gathering 2011
Favourite walk?
I like the beach at Cleethorpes.
Favourite place to visit?
Anywhere with my hu-mum and hu-dad

What is your Daily kibble?
What is your favourite treat?
I like all food… but especially my hu-mum’s homemade livercake
What do you dislike?
I don’t like loud noises, especially fireworks. I get really frightened on bonfire night with all the loud noises and bangs
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat?
Rabbits! I don’t chase cats as I live with a cat called Tula.

Favourite toy?
I love my Dr Noy squeaky bear.

Any other comments
I love lots of snuggles and burying my head in my hu-mum’s lap.

Next week - Mouse