Thursday, 12 July 2012

Fur Friends Friday - Stevie blog

Today is the first of three hounds that all live together - it's Stevie

Name - Stevie
Do you have any nicknames?
Stevie Sausage (cos I love sausages) or Stevie Wonder (as she says I’m wonderful!)
Breed - Greyhound
Colour - Blue and white
How old are you/when were you born?
I was born on 6 July 2002 and will be 10 this year! - oh last week the first photo is me playing with my birthday toy!
Where did you come from?
Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust
Where do you now live?
In a lovely village near Market Rasen
Who do you live with?
My hu-mum & hu-dad, along with Mina, Jasper and Tula the cat (yes, I live with a cat!)
Are you on any social networks?
No but my hu-mum is on Twitter - @sukesu as is Jasper - @JaspertheHound

Where did you race?
I raced mainly at Mildenhall and Rye Hill
What was your racing name?
Robs Diamond ( )
What were you parents names? (sire & dam)
Droopys Vieri (sire) Droopys Sally (dam)
Were you a good racer?
I ran 74 races, mainly in Open and various Grades, I won 12 of them.
When did I first met you?
Great Greyhound Gathering 2011
Favourite walk?
I like the beach at Cleethorpes.
Favourite place to visit?
Anywhere with my hu-mum and hu-dad

What is your Daily kibble?
What is your favourite treat?
I like all food… but especially my hu-mum’s homemade livercake
What do you dislike?
I don’t like loud noises, especially fireworks. I get really frightened on bonfire night with all the loud noises and bangs
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat?
Rabbits! I don’t chase cats as I live with a cat called Tula.

Favourite toy?
I love my Dr Noy squeaky bear.

Any other comments
I love lots of snuggles and burying my head in my hu-mum’s lap.

Next week - Mouse


  1. I'm liking your fur friends Friday Rolo.
    Stevie Sausage is a lovely lad :-)

  2. Jasper is such a handsome fellow!