Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fur Friend Friday - Georgie blog

Here's a friend of mine who I met at the seaside and we both saw the sea - Georgie.

Name - Georgie
Breed - Greyhound
Colour- White and Black
Where did you come from? Came to England from Ireland
Where do you now live? In East Kent
Who do you live with? My humum Niki and landlady auntie Janice
Are you on any social networks? Yes, Twitter (@georgieGreyhoun (ran out of letters for the d) and facebook

Where did you race?
Sittingbourne, Kent
What was your racing name? Lacken Roulette, whilst in Ireland, then was changed to Trosley Lord
What were you parents names? (sire & dam) Blackjack Tom and Lacken Rose
Were you a good racer?
Ran 59 races, won 11

When did I first met you? On the Kent Greyhound monthly walk in Hythe, March 2012
Favourite walk? Love to run in the corn fields by our house
Favourite place to visit? Anywhere with a beach!

What is your Daily kibble?
Arden Grange
What is your favourite treat?
Wonky chomps!
What do you dislike? Er...nothing!
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat?
Favourite toy?
Any teddy that squeaks!

Next week the first of a three hounds that live together. Who do I introduce you all to first? You will have to come back and read it next week. Have fun love and barks Rolo 🐶


  1. Georgie looks similar to your Star. I love his knitted coat :-)

  2. Georgie is one handsome lad!