Saturday, 16 June 2012

Great British greyhound walk 17.6.12 blog

On Sunday 17th June Star and I walked over Cannock chase, Bridley Heath. The reason it was a week early for the great British greyhound walk is because it was being organised by Monmore RGT (where Star came from). On the 24th June the official date they have their first Greyhound and lurcher fun day.

The walk started at 10.30 and the weather forecast was supposed to be dry. Guess what they got it wrong and it rained heavy for 30 minutes. Fortunately when you are rehomed from Monmore RGT they give you a jacket and lots of them were on display.

Prior to the walk I interviewed my mate Cedders for my new blog feature Fur Friends Friday.

About 40 dogs went on the walk and there was a choice of either a 1 1/4 mile or 2 1/5 mile walk. The majority of the dogs were with Star and I on the longer walk. We had never walked on Cannock chase before so loved all bracken, trees and well marked paths. Fortunately it wasn't too muddy, just lots of rain.

Thanks to Dads friend Jo for finishing our bandanas off we wore them with pride. Hoomans had their GBGW badges & we were the only hounds with bandanas.

On completion of the walk we had a group photo

Hooman apologises for anyone who got missed off as it started to rain again and people wanted to get off.

My hoomans had made some biscuits for all the doggies so us hounds had water, sausage and biscuits. They all went well Nom Nom !

Will definitely nag the hoomans to take us back to Cannock Chase again

Go to

To find a walk near to you for this Sunday 24th June and bring another greyhound with you so we can reach 2500 and a new record.

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