Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Bakewell walk blog

Yes the wind has gone except for the wind I produce. Talking of which I had a tin of sardines over my kibble this morning so woofed it down. That may make the wind pick up again.

Got popped into the car for a 15 minute drive to Ashford in the water. Parked outside the church on the road so no parking charges.

Quick 1/4 mile on the pavement before walking across the field by the riverside.

On reaching Bakewell we popped into the Rohan shop. Scarred a small whippet on entering the shop as it was only a small one. The assistant had been talking about me saying I go in there. Hoomans got me a neck scarf but I will talk about that when it's cold.
Hoomans took me into the Castle inn and Dad got my blanket out I made him carry for me. They had lunch I got some biscuits from the bar.

Then Dad took us over to a small garden by the riverside to find a geocache before heading back to the car.

The walk book said a flat walk I disagree it was all up hill. I had only had biscuits and found it hard work must have tough for hoomans with a belly fun of pub grub! This way back had lots of stiles I got halfway through a stile(the type between 2 stones) then got my big muscly back legs stuck so had to be pushed out and then lifted over it!

2 fields later had to take a detour as the field was full of moos and mini moos, hoomans concerned we would chased by big moos protecting the mini moos !

After walking 1.5 miles along the road we turned off and went down the steep field avoiding the wooly jumper poo. The walk was 7.35 miles on Dads computer thingy GPS whatsit

I stayed in the car whilst they got a new chair as Mom broke hers yesterday. It was on special offer so they were pleased. Stocked up on a few bits and bobs in Morrisons before going back to the tent.

On arriving back at the tent I wasn't allowed to go in instead I was lead to the back of the tent where a giant pigs ear was waiting for me! Nom nom!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bakewell and Heathersage

Got up and put in the car for the short trip to Bakewell for there Monday marker. Got brought 2 packs of paddywacks, a giant pig ear and some stick chews. Walked back to the car via the park.

Then drove to Calver so Mom could get her rucksack adjusted and get some T-shirts. Popped up the road to Heathersage after walking round there popped into Eddie's cafe.

I like it at Eddie's I was allowed inside, got given a chew and fussed loads. Hoomans said coffee, hot chocolate and cakes were nice. Took the chance for a lie down in the warm.

Hoomans had lunch at old hall inn Whitehough which one Derbyshire Cambra pub of the year 2010. Lovely beer and good food. Now back at the tent sleeping ! Life is good 

Monday, 29 August 2011

Carsington water & dog show

After my sickness and a snooze I was ready for my walk round Carsington water. Mom bought some trail guides so I could well be back there again. I liked it there footpaths for hoomans and for bikes. Met a whippet and a lady blue grey! 

A quick trip in the car trying out my new car harness. It works I can both crash out on the chair and kip or put my head out of the window.

Turned up at the great named pub. Bouncy castle, burgers, cakes, agility - had a go did much better than at the dogs trust one earlier this year - still managed to knock the bar off on the hurdles. Dad showed me in best dog and got through to best in show.

Yep did well in best in show but....

Mom got me a kong wubba to play with but I'm to tired so that will be another day. Back to the tent for more sleep 

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Wake up!

Wake up hoomans I'm going to be sick. Mom shouted at Dad to get out of the sleeping bag but he managed to get the material in zip. Oh well was sick on Dads thermarest sleeping mat. It was only 7am enjoy your lie in! Turns out Mom wanted Dad out of his bag, open the sleeping pod then two zips so I could be sick outside and still hold onto me! I gave them 30 seconds warning not 3 minutes! Bol !

Oh well that's enough excitement I need a sleep.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Bakewell Fun

After camping last night I spent it at the base of mom or dads sleeping bag and not on my own. Somehow they moaned about not being able to move ! I was very comfy Bol!

Mom got dropped off at Tideswell school of food to do a half day of bread making. Set you videos for Wednesday night 7th September BBC 1 8pm the school is on village SOS.
Dad and I went to Bakewell farmers Market (last Saturday of each month).

Dad went to the cookie man @thecookiestop to get supplies. The nice man gave me an oat and raisin & a lemon one. Got fussed over by my friends in Rohan then off for a walk.
Went to the monsal trail disused railway nice and flat. Dad got me some ginger nutty men £2.50 and a can of coke which was £1.45 total
RIP OFF! So tweeted tourist board to tell them! Not impressed!!

Eat my raisin cookie very nom nom! Now gone to collect mom. Think hoomans are taking me to Buxton to stock up on my biscuits ! 

Friday, 26 August 2011

Buxton arrived

Both hoomans took the afternoon from work to get to our holiday in daylight. Managed to get the tent up
in the dry but there's showers all about.

Now the tent is up it was time for my walk. Past the horses and then I heard an almighty squealing from mr piggy

Check out the size of his ears! Nom nom! They must shrink in the oven the ones I get are never that big !

Hooman then walked me away the spoil sport! Now we are off to Morrisons for supplies! Bye 

Saturday, 20 August 2011

My pub walk with boomer

Got put in the car at just gone 10 went to the farmers Market in Ironbridge. Got given some lovely doggie cheese biscuits in the Market. Humans bought me two packs.
1 pm met up with boomer half kelpie /border collie George the welsh terrier a 12 yr old staffie and 2 other black labradors. Walked down the road and dog napped Archie a cavalier spaniel.
I was only my lead all day as I may not return. Hudson (black lab) and Archie went for a swim in the stagnant pool. Funny though Archie was in the doggie grooming parlour yesterday ooops £70 wasted ! Bol
Visited 4 pubs and drank lots of water in the nice pubs. The third photo is when it started don't like the rain so Dad out my coat ob. Ended up at Deli in the Dale humans had pizza and ate there crusts !
Now I shattered so see the last photo !

Off for car trip and walk

Well I've got my harness off I've got a hour in the car before I'm doing some shopping.
1pm I'm doing the pub walk with lots of other dogs with my twitter buddy boomer. You can follow him @walkwithboomer . I blog my walk later bye 

The shopping has come

The Ocado man came this morning and silly mom ordered the wrong dentastix for me. The man brought joint ones I'm not that old only 5.5 it would be like giving joint chews to a 35 year old. 
The good news though humans just come back with their bread and dental toothbrushes for me ! Nom nom !

Friday, 19 August 2011


Caching with Dad

My first find

My first blog

Hi Folks after bring on twitter for 2 months @RoloHound I now have over 200 followers. I thought it was tine to join the world of blogging so Here goes 