Saturday, 13 July 2013

Dogs trust fun day and dog show 2013 blog

Time to tell you about my visit last week to the dogs trust fun day and dog show. For those of you who don't know I found my forever home from the dogs trust in May 2011. I like to support the show as they looked after me so well for the month that I was at the Kenilworth branch. The show was at Hatton country world on their large field.

Last year it was terrible weather mud everywhere and cold. This year was very hot and sunny. They have stalls on the outside then 3 main rinks in the middle. The 1st rink was for dogs the 2nd rink for bitches and the 3rd rink for demonstrations and dog line dancing.

As it was sunny the show was very busy but my class was in ring 1 dogs rehomed from dogs trust. Prizes were given up to 6th place but sadly I didn't win anything. Star was then straight into ring 2 for best bitch class, again she came away empty handed. Both classes had over 30 dogs in.
Because of the heat hoomans took our beach shelter for us to stay cool in.

Dad went shopping in the tents and got some of the really strong dogs trust poo bags 200 for £3 so they got 3 rolls.

Having me and my sis Star they won't last that long.
After chillin in the tent we both entered the best greyhound and lurcher class. Star got a rosette

They got her number - special and I came away with a rosette also ...

On the outside of the ring they had have-a-go agility which Star did.

But this was after she had done the doggie dash which was 40 metres. Star had watched other dogs do it in 3.5. - 7 seconds but she loves a good zoom. Here she didn't disappoint.

Everyone doing the dash and agility got a certificate but we didn't realise you got a prize for being the fastest dog. Star was that dog and we collected her prize today.

In my basket was a tug toy, chews, a blanket, bio degradable poo bags and a nom nom container.
We both loved our day out at the show. Can't wait till next years show.