Sunday, 21 April 2013

Stratford walk 20.4.13 blog

Sunday was a lovely sunny morning so naked walking. (No need for a jacket today). The walk is in Stratford so it meant a 50 minute drive. This time we were meeting in a different place to usual.

It's free parking so hoomans liked that. I did get worried when I saw this sign

What's an Alligator?

If that's the size of its teeth I hope we don't meet one! Talking of teeth I'm meeting my mate Grumpy Goldi on the walk.

The raffle was done and we set off along the cycle track. The walk leader was getting a bit upset as there was greyhounds left, right and down the middle of the track. Keep to the left she kept shouting. Hoodad was busy talking to Matt and Ruby.

The path went past the racecourse which is where we normally meet.

Down to a bridge by a very popular doggie poo bin. Then onto the canal side and then through a field before heading back to the car. Dad handed out the liver cake we made and then a nice lady came round with sausages Nom Nom. A couple of quick photos before leaving to go to Pets at Home and Jollyes.