Saturday, 30 March 2013

Pets at Home meet and greet blog

I just realised I talked about today's meet and greet in Sutton but I haven't told you about about another event I did.

We were outside Pets in home in Perry Barr. The new Marks & Spencer's outlet opened 3 days earlier so we were collecting money also.

We had key rings, badges and goody bags. I donated two tickets in the raffle to Crufts that the kennel club had sent me.

The area was all covered up but Simon one of the organisers had his car close by and some dogs liked the boot.

But when the treats came out it was a different matter!

We had fun and raised £190 for Perry Barr RGT

Sutton Coldfield Meet and Greet Blog

It's Easter Saturday and hoomans got us up early for one of my favourite things a meet and greet. But it's so cold but at least most of the snow has gone now.

Today's greet was in Sutton Coldfield for Perry Barr Retired Greyhound Trust. Hoodad went to college in Sutton so he likes going back. We parked up at the car park and then went in a metal box (lift) to see Sam and Simon who were running the event.

Lots of people were kindly giving us money for our tins. We saw lots of other grey owners and 5 or 6 people who were really keen to adopt a greyhound.

For the kids Simon was busy running a pick an egg competition. This proved really popular and all the prizes went so he brought out his back up game roll 4 dice and the higher the score the better the prize.

Star wanted a go but I distracted her by saying look at Buddy wrapped up with his mini hooman in a blanket.

It was Buddy's first time out in an event he only found his forever home 4 weeks ago. He did really well getting cuddles from everyone. Buddy was just one of the hounds getting cuddles along with Star, Zac, Gladys, Neve, Harrison, Woody, Blue, Dingo, Toby and Jo and we raised £753.77. Fantastic!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Holibobs in Devon

Today I'm going for a long weekend in Devon to stay in a caravan. Two things I have never done before visit Devon or stay in a caravan so I'm an excited hound.

This was the weather from the rear and front windows of our house this morning. We left just gone 10 and heading to Chipping Sodbury. Hoomans left Star and I in the car when they went to Hobbs House bakery and butchery. What's so special about this shop? well it's where the fabulous baker brothers Tom and Henry have their shop. They have a famous series on more 4 on the telly.
Hoomans got some sausages, I hope I get to try some.

When they came back fresh after a drink and a bacon bap (didn't bring any doggie bag for me so it must have been good!) they decided to take us out for a walk along a very wet and muddy path.

Then back in the car to dry off and a doggie nap. Zzzzz
We arrived at Dawlish Sands holiday park at 4pm. Hoomans got a big sleeps 8 caravan there is only 2 hoomans and 2 hounds so lots of spare room.
We went to Morrisons and it's still raining as we dragged round the car park for tiddles! Us hounds really don't like heavy rain.
After my tea it was time for more snoozes after a busy day.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Fab five at Crufts Blog

For those of you heading to Crufts 2013 at the weekend here are my top 5 places to visit.

1.Samsung (Hall 3, Stand 72)
Not only can you have a go on smartphones, tablets, cameras they have the 3D smart tv where you can play angry birds. As well as finding out about Help-A-Dog-A-Thon.

2. Billy and Margot (Hall 1, Stand 54)
Try their new popcorn for dogs only just launched 7th March so not been in the shops yet. Their honey and Banana ice cream is very nommy as the picture shows you what Star and I did to it.

3. Farm Food / Naturally Better (Hall 5,Stand 162)
They stock my favourite black pudding sausage sticks, packs of cows ears and the hoomans got me some rabbit ears and bulls balls to try. The version antlers are also great value there.

4. Chewdles & Laughing Dog Food
(Hall 5, Stand 66)
I love their oven baked crunchies dental or salmon ones I'm not fussed. Star is a fan of the chewdles lots of chewing for her. Dad on the other hand likes getting a bag with the logo on and this year comes a tea towel.

5. Dicky Bag (Hall 4, Stand 172)
After chewing, munching and crunching all doggies will need a walk. You know what that will mean - Poo. If you live anywhere like us there are very few bins around so hoomans end up carrying it. Not with a dicky bag it gets popped in the bag and it's odour tight so no more smell. They aren't the cheapest but the lack of smell or carrying on walks soon pays for itself. My hooman say it's well and truely worth it. We have 3 and bought grandad one also.
I think next year I will have to make my list longer as there are loads of other places to visit - Arden grange - great liver paste, red mills, cool coats, retired greyhound (RGT) stand & Perry Barr RGT stand plus all the charity stands.

Samsung have a star visitor at Crufts Blog

So Thursday was day one of Crufts - 4 days of the worlds greatest dog show.
In the next 4 days over 25,000 dogs will be judged before best in show is awarded.
This year is Samsungs 20th year as a sponsor. Their stand (Hall 3, Stand 72) is set up as a home environment showcasing various Samsung equipment.

To officially open the stand Jodie Kidd an avid dog lover came with her dog to have some photographs done. Jodie said "I absolutely adore dogs! I have two of my own who are here with me at Crufts today. I once had 7 dogs, so I know how difficult it can be sometimes to keep them entertained. I love the idea of being able to use my phone or my tablet to download an app that keeps my dogs busy and their minds stimulated. It's great to see a brand like Samsung involved in Supporting the wellbeing of dogs in the UK."

On the stand can get a photo taken with your dog looking up to the camera. They will then print the photo for a memento of your visit.

Other parts of the stand include the latest smartphones and note tablets as well as try out the apps on. Even Jodie's dog was keen to get in on the fun.

I've already told you about the photo you can have done, try the smartphones and the tablets as well as collect loads of freebies such as badges, a bag and headbands. I like my headband.

I can't forget saying please visit the the Help-A-Dog-A-Thon Facebook app together with Blue Cross (app designed for browser not smartphone). They want you to adopt a virtual hound (4 to choose from) and for every dog adopted Samsung will donate money to pay for 2000 health checks.

Please go and visit the stand have a play and get lots of great freebies.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Help-A-Dog-A-Thon blog

For those of you who saw my Crufts tickets blog you will know why I am doing this blog.

My question to win the tickets was;
What is the name of the Samsung and Blue Cross Facebook app?

Samsung are celebrating 20 years of Crufts sponsorship and to show their commitment to care of dogs they came up with this great app.

The purpose of the app is for Samsung to donate funds to the pet charity Blue Cross. The aim is to get enough funds to provide 2,000 health checks. The health check consists of a vet examining a dog's coat, skin, teeth, check the weight, measure heart rate and breathing as well as check the dog's hearing and sight.

Hopefully my fellow readers you now want to get involved and help them reach their target.

If you go to

you can see the icon for Help-A-Dog-A-Thon by liking the page you can then choose a virtual dog to adopt. Each virtual dog that gets adopted Samsung will donate money towards the health checks. 20,000 likes are needed to complete the target of 2,000 checks.

I just got my hoodad to adopt a greyhound that he called Rogue which was my old racing name. Once you have your dog you need to do all doggie things with it such as walk, feed, play with it and then get collars, beds etc for it.

The downside is you need to do it on a computer it doesn't work on ibones or ipaws.

They only have 137 likes so far so please share this blog with all your friends.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Crufts tickets winners blog

Well thanks to everyone who read my blog and entered my competition. The draw was made the first lucky winner was ;

Emma Meredith-Shone
From Warwickshire

I thought I would get some more information on my winners.

Have you ever been to Crufts?
No never been to Crufts so this will be my first time.
What do you want to see or do at Crufts?
Discover Dogs, I always read how fantastic it is. To see all the breeds.
What day are you going? Saturday
Do you have a dog? I have a Cavapoo (Cavalier Spaniel x Poodle) called Bailey. When I'm at Crufts Bailey is going to my mum's. She rescued a dog last year, we're not sure what his breed is though as he's a cross too. Think is also a poodle cross.
How old is Bailey?
He's nearly 18 months and we think my mums dog is called Alfie, also around the same age.

I'm looking forward to our first time at Crufts! Here's a picture of my Bailey.

The 2nd winner was Gina Butler from Wolverhampton.

So Gina have you been to Crufts before?
Never been before.
What do you want to see at Crufts?
I want to go to look at all the stalls and spend lots of money we don't have!
What day are you going?
Will be Saturday or Sunday, we are not sure yet. We are going out Friday night (we never go out!) So we will have to see how bad the hangover is Saturday.
Do you have any dogs?
Yes I have Maisie the Greyhound - she's 2

Crufts tickets (1 day competition closes 6 pm Monday 4th) blog

Crufts is only 3 days away ! Woof woof !
I have two pairs of tickets to give away valid on 1 day throughout the show!

Samsung have been a sponsor of Crufts for 20 years this year. My question to win the tickets is

What is the name of the Facebook app Samsung and Blue Cross have developed?

Until I do the draw I'm looking after the tickets!

To enter email me your name

Winners will be contacted by email Monday night to get address to post the tickets to.

UK entries only draw will take place at 6 pm Monday 4th March 2013 (to ensure tickets get posted out on time for Thursday)