Friday, 8 March 2013

Fab five at Crufts Blog

For those of you heading to Crufts 2013 at the weekend here are my top 5 places to visit.

1.Samsung (Hall 3, Stand 72)
Not only can you have a go on smartphones, tablets, cameras they have the 3D smart tv where you can play angry birds. As well as finding out about Help-A-Dog-A-Thon.

2. Billy and Margot (Hall 1, Stand 54)
Try their new popcorn for dogs only just launched 7th March so not been in the shops yet. Their honey and Banana ice cream is very nommy as the picture shows you what Star and I did to it.

3. Farm Food / Naturally Better (Hall 5,Stand 162)
They stock my favourite black pudding sausage sticks, packs of cows ears and the hoomans got me some rabbit ears and bulls balls to try. The version antlers are also great value there.

4. Chewdles & Laughing Dog Food
(Hall 5, Stand 66)
I love their oven baked crunchies dental or salmon ones I'm not fussed. Star is a fan of the chewdles lots of chewing for her. Dad on the other hand likes getting a bag with the logo on and this year comes a tea towel.

5. Dicky Bag (Hall 4, Stand 172)
After chewing, munching and crunching all doggies will need a walk. You know what that will mean - Poo. If you live anywhere like us there are very few bins around so hoomans end up carrying it. Not with a dicky bag it gets popped in the bag and it's odour tight so no more smell. They aren't the cheapest but the lack of smell or carrying on walks soon pays for itself. My hooman say it's well and truely worth it. We have 3 and bought grandad one also.
I think next year I will have to make my list longer as there are loads of other places to visit - Arden grange - great liver paste, red mills, cool coats, retired greyhound (RGT) stand & Perry Barr RGT stand plus all the charity stands.

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