Monday, 4 March 2013

Crufts tickets winners blog

Well thanks to everyone who read my blog and entered my competition. The draw was made the first lucky winner was ;

Emma Meredith-Shone
From Warwickshire

I thought I would get some more information on my winners.

Have you ever been to Crufts?
No never been to Crufts so this will be my first time.
What do you want to see or do at Crufts?
Discover Dogs, I always read how fantastic it is. To see all the breeds.
What day are you going? Saturday
Do you have a dog? I have a Cavapoo (Cavalier Spaniel x Poodle) called Bailey. When I'm at Crufts Bailey is going to my mum's. She rescued a dog last year, we're not sure what his breed is though as he's a cross too. Think is also a poodle cross.
How old is Bailey?
He's nearly 18 months and we think my mums dog is called Alfie, also around the same age.

I'm looking forward to our first time at Crufts! Here's a picture of my Bailey.

The 2nd winner was Gina Butler from Wolverhampton.

So Gina have you been to Crufts before?
Never been before.
What do you want to see at Crufts?
I want to go to look at all the stalls and spend lots of money we don't have!
What day are you going?
Will be Saturday or Sunday, we are not sure yet. We are going out Friday night (we never go out!) So we will have to see how bad the hangover is Saturday.
Do you have any dogs?
Yes I have Maisie the Greyhound - she's 2

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