Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Help-A-Dog-A-Thon blog

For those of you who saw my Crufts tickets blog you will know why I am doing this blog.

My question to win the tickets was;
What is the name of the Samsung and Blue Cross Facebook app?

Samsung are celebrating 20 years of Crufts sponsorship and to show their commitment to care of dogs they came up with this great app.

The purpose of the app is for Samsung to donate funds to the pet charity Blue Cross. The aim is to get enough funds to provide 2,000 health checks. The health check consists of a vet examining a dog's coat, skin, teeth, check the weight, measure heart rate and breathing as well as check the dog's hearing and sight.

Hopefully my fellow readers you now want to get involved and help them reach their target.

If you go to

you can see the icon for Help-A-Dog-A-Thon by liking the page you can then choose a virtual dog to adopt. Each virtual dog that gets adopted Samsung will donate money towards the health checks. 20,000 likes are needed to complete the target of 2,000 checks.

I just got my hoodad to adopt a greyhound that he called Rogue which was my old racing name. Once you have your dog you need to do all doggie things with it such as walk, feed, play with it and then get collars, beds etc for it.

The downside is you need to do it on a computer it doesn't work on ibones or ipaws.

They only have 137 likes so far so please share this blog with all your friends.

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