Thursday, 13 December 2012

Fur Friend Friday - Mina blog

Today is the last of 3 hounds that I know who live together - Mina

Lurcher (though my hu-mum calls me a Greyhound)
How old are you/when were you born?
I don’t know when I was born as I was found as a stray and I’m not tattooed. So my humum has given me the same birthday as her – 4 March. My humans think I’m around 10 years old.

Where did you come from?
I was found as a stray puppy in Newcastle upon Tyne and adopted by my hoomans.
Where do you now live?
In a lovely village near Market Rasen
Who do you live with?
My hu-mum & hu-dad, along with Jasper, Stevie and Tula the cat (yes, I live with a cat!)

Are you on any social networks?
No but my hu-mum is on Twitter - @sukesu and so is Jasper - @JaspertheHound. I do feature in my hu-mum’s blog a lot though –

When did I first met you?
At the Great Greyhound Gathering 2011
Favourite walk?
Cherryburn in Northumberland – I go swimming in the river
Favourite place to visit?
Cornwall. I’ve been on two holidays to Cornwall and I love the beaches (and Cornish pasties)

What is your Daily kibble?
James Wellbeloved cereal free kibble (I can’t eat wheat)
What is your favourite treat?
My hu-mum’s homemade liver cake.

Your Mom gave me some at GGG it's truely nommie !
What do you dislike?
Not getting my own way (only kidding)! I don’t like dogs who come to sniff my bottom – it’s very rude!
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat?
Rabbit! I once caught a rabbit right in front of my hu-dad, when I was younger. I don’t chase cats as I live with a cat called Tula.
Favourite toy?
I have lots of favourite toys! I love my space lobber and I love playing with my Katie’s Bumper toys with my humum..

Any other comments
I like to bust a lot of greyhound myths…I’m very good at recall and enjoy learning tricks (I do a mean roll out the carpet) and I’ve just started learning agility with my hu-mum – I love it!

Ooh, and I won the Golden Oldie category at the Scruffts heat at the Lincolnshire Show this year.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Santapaws visit blog

Had a busy day today. 1 hour doggie training then into the car to go and visit Dogs Trust Honiley (Kenilworth).

For those of you who don't know when I couldn't find a forever home in Barleys kennels I got moved to Dogs Trust.

Lucky for me I only spent 1 month there before my hoomans picked me up. I always nag my hoomans to support any events they do.

I showed Star where some of the kennels are where less fortunate dogs are. We both wore our #houndsoftwitter bandana's. It was their virgin wear in public.

The Christmas fair was great Dogs Trust merchandise (got 200 poo bags) are hoomans trying to say I poo a lot! They were selling books, bric-a-brac, tombola, but more importantly Santapaws visited.

This is where I first met my hoomans. Soon walked past this and into the log cabin to see Santapaws.

We both got presents from Santa mine is long and thin it may squeek but Mom wouldn't let me bite it. Only 24 days to go before I find out. I think Star got a bowl.

I hope they raised lots of money. I enjoyed my trip back but I prefer my forever home.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Fur Friend Friday Maisie blog

Sorry guys been a few weeks since I introduced you to another of my friends. Today is someone that came from Wolverhampton RGT just like Star. The scary thing is she even looks a bit like her - today it's Maisie

Name Maisie
Breed Greyhound
Colour Black and white
How old are you? Two
Do you have any nick names? Crazy Maisie, Maisie Moo, Pumpkin, Treacle,
Where did you come from? Adopted from the Wolverhampton RGT but originally from Ireland
Where do you now live? Wednesfield, Wolverhampton
Who do you live with? My hooman mom, dad and brother, a cat called Lisa and a fish – called Fish.

Are you on any social networks? Twitter @Maisie___Moo and Facebook Maisie Greyhound
Where did you race? No idea
What was your racing name? Tubby Norma (I am still having counselling)
Who were you Greyhound parents dam and sire? Ceroc Gypsy and Premier Fantasy
Were you a good racer? No, failed

When did I first met you? Baggeridge at the Wolverhampton RGT Walk

Favourite walk? Anywhere, I can have a big run but I love going out in the car (apart from to the vets)
Favourite place to visit? My local field – I meet my friends Lucky and Star there sometimes.
What is your Daily kibble? I have quite a variety – I have pasta, mince, chicken, rice, dog food and kibble, liver. We like to mix it up a bit!
What is your favourite treat? I love belly roll and chews that last longer than a minute

What do you dislike? Fireworks – a lot, oh and the cat.
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat? To eat?? All three, I dislike them all.
Favourite toy? My Chubleez Quackers Grey – it’s a duck with a squeak in the body, and the head and it rustles too. I kill it every day.
Any other comments

I am accident prone and at the vets most months. I’m on more complete bedrest at the moment, feel free to feel sorry for me. I also bark a lot for a greyhound.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Fur friends Friday - Milo blog

Today I'm introducing a dog just before we went off on a RGT walk together - it's MILO

Black and Grey
How old are you?
7 (same as me)
Do you have any nick names?
Where did you come from?
Perry Barr RGT
Where do you now live?
Who do you live with?
Julie and Graham

Are you on any social networks?
Where did you race?
Perry Barr
Were you a good racer?
20 wins from 50 races
When did I first met you?
We used to do dog training together on a Thursday night.

Favourite walk?
Sutton park - 7 miles of lovely park
Favourite place to visit?
Dog classes - treats and other greyhounds why wouldn't you love it!

What is your Daily kibble?
Everything changes every day
What is your favourite treat?
What do you dislike?
Munchy chews
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat?
Favourite toy?
Any other comments
You are lucky to walk with me because I'm bone idle !

Friday, 2 November 2012

Fur Friends Friday Blog - Zac blog

Hi Guys I'm back sorry for the absence. Hooman been busy with his ibone so not been able to blog.

Today it's a lovely black greyhound Zak

Black with a white chest, white tippy toes an a tiny white tip on the end of me tail.
3 an 3/4
Dudes, Doodles, Monkey an Monkerlees

Where did you come from
RGT White Lodge I woz one of the 'White Lodge Babies'
Where do you live now ?
Who do you live with ?
Kitkat the monster mog, my new little sis Holly Greyhound and boring old mum an dad
Are you on any Social networks ?
I's on Twitter @ZakGreyhound

Where did you race ?
I's never raced, me and my 3 brothers were rescued as pups by the RGT cos our trainer had abandoned all his hounds.
When did I first meet you ?
In person at the totally pawsome 2012 Great Greyhound Gathering tweet up but we'd already met on twitter before then.

What is your Favourite walk ?
Colwick Park cos its got everything zoomie places, woods for sniffings an chasing, lakes an the river for paddling in and its next to Nottingham racecourse which is the bestest place ever for zoomies!
Favourite place to visit ?
The seaside yay I loves the seaside :)

What is your daily kibble ?
James Wellbeloved Lamb and Vegetables
What is your Favourite treat ?
a nice big juicy marrowbone from the butchers oooh nommy
What do you dislike ?
loud noises, I hates bangs of any kind and engines revving up like wot the boy racers do near my house
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat?
Squirrel any day of the week!
What is your Favourite toy ?
I's got 3 favrites my Big Bone that woz my first ever toy an I still carries it round if I gets scared, my wak wak an my octi I loves playin wiv me oct
Do you have any claims to fame ?
- a member of both the #goodlookingclub and #greyhoundpower on twitter and I's Mr August in Cat's (@eddieandcat) 2013 Calendar and I's on her bloggy too :)

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Chatsworth garden walk blog

The last Saturday of the month is Bakewell, Derbyshire farmers market. Hoomans left Star and I in the car whilst stocking up on vegetables, mushrooms and ordered their Christmas turkey.

We walked round Bakewell with them and got fussed over in many of the dog friendly shops. After a 10 minute drive we arrived at Chatsworth house.

Chatsworth house is unlike many other stately homes not national trust or English Heritage but is an independent charitable trust where the 12th Duke and Duchess of Devonshire live.

Throughout the year they do special events in the house and gardens. I wanted to share this blog about the Halloween event.

Dogs are welcome in the gardens and surrounding estate (always on a lead). For Halloween the garden was a gruesome trail.

Carved out pumpkins (13 of them) were spread across the gardens in high and low places. Star and I like the low levelled ones.

It was also the last weekend of the beyond limits sculptures. This year it was the work of a single artist, the British sculptor Barry Flanagan, RA OBE (1941-2009).

In one section of the garden is a maze so we pulled the hoomans in. Being a sight hound I was sure I could see the way to the middle, so I lead the way!

We got scared at the middle as it was cursed !

We scared hoomans in the way out, they turned corners to bump into our big noses and pointy faces.

We then continued our walk to the kitchen garden where during Halloween it had been turned into a scarecrow cementry.

Walking down the hill to the exit Hoomom tried to leave me with a strange lady!

If you have never been to Chatsworth it's a must visit. For whats on visit

Future events include Christmas craft market and the house decorated for christmas. (Dames and villians theme this year).

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Fur friend's Friday - Digger blog

Today my fur friend Friday is slightly different. I'm introducing you all to Digger a greyhound who I've never met. Dad knows his Mom well so got me to introduce him to you.

Rooster Digger (Digger)
Greyhound - 100% certified!
How old are you?
I will be 9 in Oct 2012
Do you have any nick names?
Dig, The Digster

Where did you come from?
Where do you now live?
Who do you live with?
Alex B

Are you on any social networks?
No. Far too busy chasing rabbits in the park and meeting up with mates to do that!
Where did you race?
Birmingham and Nottingham mostly
Were you a good racer?
Must have been - I did 3 years, over 100 races. About 15 wins and 35 second places
When did I first met you?
Not rubbed noses with you yet but heard loads about you from my Mom
Favourite walk?
The park - with my friends
Favourite place to visit?
Rosemarie's house 2 doors away - she walks me and feeds me chicken a lot.

What is your daily kibble?
It was boring biscuits, but now I am a bit poorly its chicken and rice all the way - brilliant!
What is your favourite treat?
Oh you know, cheese, chicken, prawns, smoked salmon, sausages - anything that falls off the kitchen side really
What do you dislike?
Missing out on any of the above. Steps. Staffordshire bull terriers. Shiny floors. Puddles.
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat?
Whichever is closer
Favourite toy?
Furry, squeaky rabbit - gets murdered every morning.

Thanks for the interview Rolo I hope you like my pictures!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Fur Friend Friday - Stanley Blog

For today's fur friend I want to introduce another great black greyhound like myself - Stanley

Stanley Floyd Butcher
I’s a greyhound
I's black wivs a white chest, 3 white toes on each paw and a white tip on me tail (and sum grey hairs wot I don’t talk about).
How old are you?
I's 4 and half

Do you have any nick names?
Stanpanpooley, Stanley Panley, Stanners, Mummy’s hansum best black boy, Numpty
Where did you come from?
I’s from Ireland originally, ended up stray sumwhere up North, rescued by GALA transferred to GRWE!
Where do you live now?
Who do you live with?
Me Mum Amanda, Me Dad Geoff, Me hooman sister Emily and Ruby and Rufus the cats

Are you on any social networks?
I’s on Twitter @stanley_floyd and Facebook – Stanley Floyd . I luffs Twitter
Where did you race?
I’s got me ears tatooed but have no history on registered tracks, so Imite have run on flapping tracks, but I can’t remember.
What was your racing name?
I didn’t have one. No-one knows me real name, the GRWE called me Floyd, but I didn’t answer to that so I got a new name wiv me new home.
Were you a good racer?
I don’t know.

When did I first meet you?
We’s talked lots on Twitter, but we actually met at the 2012 GGG in Nottingham.

Favourite walk?
Harlestone Firs wot duz be a luffly forest wiv hundreds of Swizzles
Favourite place to visit?
Anywhere wivs me luffly gurlfrend @Holly_Bobbins
What is your Daily kibble?
Burgess Supa Dog for Greyhounds and Lurchers wiv sum raw mince (rabbit duz be me favrut).
What is your favourite treat?
Me Kong stuffed wivs cheese and peanut butter.

What do you dislike?
I duzn’t like dry biskit treats coz they just fall out of me mouf. I also duzn’t like bein moved when I’s comfie on the bed.
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat?
Favourite toy?
Me blue Oktapuss
Any other comments
I luff’s to spin and I haz me own blog on me friends petshop website.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Fur friend Friday - Cat blog

I've been on holiday in Wales where the phone and Internet signal is nearly nil.
An apology to Star from my last fur friend I forgot to ask her what her racing name was. The answer is Sourcey Lonestar

This weeks fur friend is a twitter friend and fellow blogger it's Cat

Name Cat Greyhound
Breed Greyhound
Colour white with black splodges (like a cow)
How old are you? 11
Do you have any nick names? Catty, Moo, Yaya, Munchkin
Where did you come from? Ireland originally. Raced there for a bit then came over to England, did racing in Swindon for a few years, had some puppies before getting adopted straight from my trainer.

Where do you now live? Dawlish Devon
Who do you live with? My hooman girl and my hooman boy
Are you on any social networks? facebook (@cat greyhound) and twitter (@eddieandcat)
Where did you race? . Swindon (England) and Enniscorthy (Ireland)

What was your racing name? Whitfort Hannah (Ireland) Travelling Cat (Swindon)
Were you a good racer?
I think so 😀 but I only raced 12 times. I was used for breeding coz I have a strong chase instinct and come from a "good" breedline.
When did I first met you? On twitter and then in the fur at GGG 2012

Favourite walk? oooh too many to choose. I like Goodrington beach coz I can do zoomies and theres always lots other dogs to meet
Favourite place to visit? Everywhere. I love to explore all over and write about them on my blog

What is your Daily kibble? it changes but greyhound maintenance type kibbles with some tinned meat on top.
What is your favourite treat? . pedigree joint care chews

What do you dislike? when my daily routine changes and anything that goes bang
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat? ooooh... can I have them all?
Favourite toy? I dont play with toys.
Any other comments

I have a blog (mentioned above) please have a read and I have written a book about my adventures. :)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Puppy awareness week blog

Time to tell you about what is special about this week. 8th-14th September is National puppy awareness week !

Why do I need to talk to you about puppies we all know they are cute and lovely bundles of energy. Unfortunately it's not about them but to insure you buy a puppy from a registered kennel club breeder. As well as trying to stop puppy farms.

Please watch this video that will show you more but some of the scenes that dogs raised in puppy farms live in. You may find some scenes disturbing.

Hey I sound like a television programme! But it's serious.

After watching the video the first thing I then did was download a twibbon for my twitter account you can do yours by

In a recent study for the Kennel Club it found 20% of puppy owners bought their pet on the internet, a pet shop or a newspaper ad, all outlets used to sell farmed puppies, instead of direct from the breeder or a rescue home.

It revealed 30% had not seen their puppy with its mother, rising to 37% of those who bought their puppy from a newspaper ad, online or a pet shop, while 31% did not see their puppy in its breeding environment, rising to 40% of those buying from newspaper ads, pet shops and online.

"Puppy farmers and scam artists cash in on this. I urge potential puppy buyers to steer well clear of any breeder or outlet that does not assess your suitability as a dog owner and doesn't give you every opportunity to vet their suitability as a breeder."

I personally know of someone that bought a border collie from a service station. The following day developed a lot of pain a cough and a rash. £400 vets bill but 2 days later had to be out to sleep.

In closing

Stop and spot the signs of an irresponsible breeder
Tell the relevant authorities if you suspect a puppy farmer
Opt for a Kennel Club Assured Breeder or rescue dog
Please, spread the word.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Fur friend Saturday - Star blog

Today I renamed my blog to Saturday fur friend as I wanted to introduce the hound I share my forever home with Star.

Name. Star
Breed. Greyhound
Colour. White with 4 black spots.
How old are you? . 4 years old
Do you have any nicknames ? . Twinkle or Crazy Bitch (as I run around like a mad thing.) or Meerkat - when I'm in the boot of the car so you can have the back seat I sit up and lean forward onto the seat like a Meerkat!
Where did you come from?. Monmore retired greyhound trust (Wolverhampton)
Where do you now live? Birmingham
Who do you live with now? . Mike, Emma and you, but we are cousins as we have the same grandad - Larkhill Jo
Are you on any social networks?. Yes twitter @MissStarhound

This photo was the day I came home with you.

Where did you race?. Monmore (Wolverhampton)
Were you a good racer?. 41 races won 11
When did I first meet you? when you came to get a hound pal to share you home with. You walked in the paddock with me and a little black bitch. You made the right decision and chose me. November 2011

Favourite walk? . Waseley hills as I get excited and pull Dad up the hill
Favourite place to visit? . Chatsworth house and gardens. Lots of lovely smell and loads of visitors make a lot of fuss over cute me!

What is your Daily kibble?. Good questions it's a bit varied. I used to be on Red mills Greyhound food. Then I got moved onto pedigree vital protection and pedigree complete tinned. Did that for 2 weeks don't really like it so now some greyhound, pedogree dry and raw pet mince
What is your favourite treat?. Raw bones nom nom !
What do you dislike? . Being told to calm down and to get down when I jump up the hoomans. Listening in dog training classes.

Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat? . Only retiring last October 2011 I will chase anything. Cat on a daily basis but when visited hooman friends in Kent their pet bunnies looked very nice!
Favourite toy?. Squeaky dog toy with a squeaker and a bell in it.

Interesting fact . I'm famous as I Star in a book - walking with Boomer Staffordshire book !