Thursday, 29 November 2012

Fur Friend Friday Maisie blog

Sorry guys been a few weeks since I introduced you to another of my friends. Today is someone that came from Wolverhampton RGT just like Star. The scary thing is she even looks a bit like her - today it's Maisie

Name Maisie
Breed Greyhound
Colour Black and white
How old are you? Two
Do you have any nick names? Crazy Maisie, Maisie Moo, Pumpkin, Treacle,
Where did you come from? Adopted from the Wolverhampton RGT but originally from Ireland
Where do you now live? Wednesfield, Wolverhampton
Who do you live with? My hooman mom, dad and brother, a cat called Lisa and a fish – called Fish.

Are you on any social networks? Twitter @Maisie___Moo and Facebook Maisie Greyhound
Where did you race? No idea
What was your racing name? Tubby Norma (I am still having counselling)
Who were you Greyhound parents dam and sire? Ceroc Gypsy and Premier Fantasy
Were you a good racer? No, failed

When did I first met you? Baggeridge at the Wolverhampton RGT Walk

Favourite walk? Anywhere, I can have a big run but I love going out in the car (apart from to the vets)
Favourite place to visit? My local field – I meet my friends Lucky and Star there sometimes.
What is your Daily kibble? I have quite a variety – I have pasta, mince, chicken, rice, dog food and kibble, liver. We like to mix it up a bit!
What is your favourite treat? I love belly roll and chews that last longer than a minute

What do you dislike? Fireworks – a lot, oh and the cat.
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat? To eat?? All three, I dislike them all.
Favourite toy? My Chubleez Quackers Grey – it’s a duck with a squeak in the body, and the head and it rustles too. I kill it every day.
Any other comments

I am accident prone and at the vets most months. I’m on more complete bedrest at the moment, feel free to feel sorry for me. I also bark a lot for a greyhound.

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