Friday, 13 September 2013

1000 Sighthounds blog

Hoomans have taken Star and I
on holibobs to somewhere different North Devon for a week in a 1 bed apartment. We arrived on the Saturday so we could then go 1000 sighthounds walk and dog show on the Sunday 8th September.

The walk started at 12 but it was an hours drive from where we were staying. Hoomans silly sat Nav took them through tiny little country lanes but we made it to the car park. We got our tag collars, bandanas and bibs put on and were ready to go.

There were 2 registration tents and we paid our £2 each and filled the form in to register for gift aid. In return we got given a goodie bag with a save the greyhounds - Grey2K USA wrist band, a sample of Burgess sensitive food and a guide to the show.

There were loads of stalls on the out side of the show ring but that was for the dog show at 2pm.

I saw my friends Cat greyhound and wished her my best as she has got a poorly paw to get better soon. Then our friends from dog training arrived Lola and Lena. They are staying in a farm cottage 10 miles away from us.

We gathered for a group photo for the local paper and then at 12 we gathered to start the walk. They had an official start line to break and we walked for about 1.5 miles.

Hoomom got talking to a nice lady and her hound one of my new twitter followers Bobbit dog @howbobbitseesit but as the poster says it was for all sighthounds not just greys.

The walk took about 1 hour we got back just before a very heavy rain shower. Everyone dived for cover some left but we stayed, hey I wanted to win a rossette in the dog show.

2pm the dog show started I got entered in the veteran class but being nearly 8 I didn't stand a chance against Shadie who is 14 he got a special rossette from the judge.

Lola and her Hoomom were standing next to me in the class. Some of my class skills rubbed off onto Lola as she decided to have a lie down.

I on the other hand got some lovings from her Hoomom Linda so I jumped up her and gave her a cuddle.

Star went in the best sighthound bitch but sadly like Lola and I no rosette.

To complete the no rosette afternoon Lena wasn't placed in the best black beauty class. All classes were well attended with over 30 dogs in each class.

We all decided to buy some raffle tickets Lola's hoomom (Linda) said our our luck would be better in that.

Well it did change ! Linda got 2nd prize the 12 bottles of wine.

So lets just say Linda & Paul will be having a drink or 2 on their holiday. We are planning to met up with them later in the week for walkies. Nearly forgot all 4 of us hounds got a lovely smoked pigs ear that had meaty bits in the base.

1000 sighthounds walk is going to be put onto next years to visit calender ! Lets hope next year they can beat the 285 that were at this years walk.

Greyhound walks dog show 2013 blog

Sunday 11th August Star, myself and the hoomans got in the car for a 2 hour drive down to Braintree in Essex. Are you mad I hear you say, why? I'm going to tell you it was to go to the Greyhound Walks dog show at Notley Country Park.

It was my second time attending but the shows 6th annual show. Parking was £3 all day and we managed to get under the shade of the hedge.

The show was free to enter but all classes were £2 per dog. To enter the classes you had to walk over to the registration campervan.

The queue was moving quickly with folks handing forms in and paying their money. Hoodad wrote the form for Star and I so that will explain why they put Rulo not Rolo on my registration number. Silly hooman doesn't have the best hand writing.

In ring 1 and 2 was where the greyhound classes took place and were between the public announcement portacabin. On the PA system Andy did a fantastic job announcing the classes taking place and other great information. The announcements were clear and could be heard all across the park, unlike some shows were it sounds like they are in a fish tank!

I got entered into the handsome dog class but decided I liked sniffing the ground outside of the ring. Star entered the greyhound bitch 5 and 6 years old. Sadly we weren't picked in positions 1-5 and missed out on rosettes and great goodie bags. By the time I was in handsome dog class I was thirsty and shared a bowl of water with another dog. As you can see the hooman had to keep adding more water as we were both drinking it so fast!

They had a best family class and even with our combined efforts we still couldn't get a rosette. I have come to the conclusion to win best family you need 3 or more dogs the more the better especially if you are all different breeds.

Enough about the dog show onto the stuff I enjoy spending the hoomans money at the trade stands. I started off at the dog tombola. Yes a dog tombola only dog prizes!

Hoomom paid her £1 for 5 tickets and won 4 prizes - bone treat holder, chewdles, luminous collar, pack of natures best. I then found a great new stand Treats 2 Sit 4 all homemade and no added ingredients air dried treats. Unfortunately us greys can't sit as it's bad for our backs. I already have spondylitis in my back so even less chance of me sitting. As you can see from the pictures below we did find a hound that would sit for the treats.

There were various other kennel charities there the GRWE (Greyhound Rescue West of England) as well as Barleys Kennels.

Before I went to Kenilworth dogs trust I lived at Barleys for 18 months. Barleys is run by Jo and she was there. I recognised her and went crazy giving her lovings as well as the kennel handler that used to walk me.

This was the first show that Treats 2 Sit 4 had done and showed off their range that have no artificial nasties,salt or sugar as well as being grain and gluten free.

We bought some of them which I tried during the show but then had to go and buy more. So I have the whole range
Air dried ox and chicken liver
Air dried beef heart
Atomic drops - ox liver & garlic
Hypno teasers - chicken liver, breast and aniseed
Air dried chicken breast

All very nommie and some have been put in the freezer.

Hoomans got Star and I a bandana from Miglicoats. Pink stars for Star and a black flames one for me.

This show is definitely getting put on my yearly shows to visit.