Thursday, 29 September 2011

Dads illness blog

I thought I would share what my Dad has been up to.

He took me out last Wednesday and felt a sharp pain in his right groin. Drove to work saw a nurse who sent him to A&E. They took a chest xray and saw he had a temperature and admitted him.

During Wednesday & Thursday a rash came up on his leg.

He had an ultrasound on his leg showing an enlarged lymph node. Finally after two days of sandwiches being his only meal he moved to a ward at 7.20 Thursday night.

He then had 4 tines daily antibiotics 2 different sorts. The 2g flucloxacillin is well strong on the veins hence he had 5 canulars fitted in 5.5 days. He also has a lovely bruise on his arm where a failed attempt was made to put another one in.

Wednesday night they also spotted an infection on his foot.

Which despite the antibiotics got worse before showed signs of improvement.

Mom meanwhile was doing all my walks. Sunday she took me to the local retired greyhound walk. I got some fish cake treats nom nom! and we got Dad a mini soft toy greyhound to keep him company in hospital.

Things are improving so he came home Monday night. I was glad to see him so I decided to cuddle him on my sofa.

He's off work for 2 weeks but is resting so he can't walk me. Today though he has developed a rash on his arm and chest.

The doctor has changed his antibiotics and given him strong piriton.

Nice to have him home though I hope he gets better soon so we can go out walking together again!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Daddy in hospital

Well I got up & went for my morning walk but dad was in a lot of pain in his leg when we got back.

Dad still went to work but felt worse at work & ended up in a&e at hospital. Dad told me he has got an infection and has a very high temperature. Drs & nurses have given him antibiotics & pain killers but he is still unwell.

Mum told me he has to stay in hospital overnight and is due to have a scan in the morning. His foot is all red & swollen as well so guessing no walks with dad for a bit.

Can't believe that the hospital don't know what is wrong with him or even find him a bed on a ward. Think mum should have taken one of my beds as it would be more comfy than the trolley bed he is on. Think he may have been better going to the vets as well. A £30 jab seems to solve everything!

Hope my dad finds out what is wrong soon & makes it home for my birthday tomorrow.

I'm off to keep dads sofa warm for him!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Great greyhound gathering pt 2 blog

After the hoomans were feed and I got some of their sandwiches we went back into the gathering.
We walking straight into some twitter mates I recognised @soxiloxi hoomans but she was back in Wrexham as she came into season. They did bring another of their dogs Dino @dinomatic

Next I met Maxi @maxisuluki

Then Jasper with his hooman slave @sukesu who gave me some lovely liver treats she had made. Nom Nom!

Diesel the grey @blueskinnydog looked away as dad tried to get a photo of him.

After watching the fancy dress class we all posed for a twitter pack photo

The great greyhound gathering was fantastic but I'm shattered now. I do like my rosette I got for entering the classes . See you next year.

Great greyhound gathering pt1 blog

Well the day has finally come for the great greyhound gathering I've been excited for weeks about this.

I got entered into class 3 male dogs 5-7 yrs old and class 4 best black dog. I thought I had better stand by the rings and see what is going on!

Went into the first class hooman was talking to women next to me. Turned out to be @ceddergreyhound one of my twitter buddies.

Then we got speaking to the next owner and she had a bitch dog watching and she is my half sister

Unfortunately didn't get any rosettes in either group but best black dog had an unfair advantage as it was lashing down the judge wanted to get it done quickly.

Went back to the car for a towel down and for hoomans to have lunch. To be continued ......

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Back to school blog

Well hoomans went back to school
a couple of weeks ago but us doggies went back to training school tonight.

I had to say hi to my mate George there was only 2 other mates there Milo and Dash. I took my bed and a squeaky toy. So I took Mr Mushroom as he's a fun guy to be with Bol !

I did well tonight lay when told to and did a bit of off the lead recall work. Tired now so a quick nap before my bed time walk. 2 more sleeps before the gathering excited !

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Boomer book blog

Dad didn't come home today been very busy at work so came home a bit earlier.

He came in and told me I had some post.

What is it I thought didn't know I had bought or ordered anything.

It was my mate Boomer's new book. 12 dog walks around Shrewsbury. The book also includes where you can get supplies or dogs are welcome. It even tells you which places to be on or off the lead. Zoom running time!

Had a look through the book walk 10 is the dogs trust walk by their centre in Roden.

I had to do a double take I'm in the book. I'm famous woo hoo ! Woof !

It's not his first book so please support the book by ordering

Or follow his adventures on twitter

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Kent visit blog

Hoomans put me in the car Friday night to travel down to Kent to see my mom's dad and Sammy my woofy mate.

After a night sleeping in the conservatory on the sofa Dad took
me out for my morning  but the bin was full

Fortunately Dad got a Dicky bag last week at Chatsworth so the odour seal was useful as it was a smelly one.

So I'm tired again so as the hoomans are in I'm in the lounge a nice leather sofa to lie on!

Being a woofer I spread out and force the hoomans onto the floor. Look between the shoulders that's me on the sofa ! Bol

Time to go for now 

Monday, 5 September 2011

Back to normal routine blog

So the kids are back at school and my hoomans back at work. That means lots of chillin on the sofa listening to radio 2.
Dad was late leaving for work came into the lounge and saw me doing the greyhound thing - lying upside down. The sneak took this opportunity to brush my teeth! Not funny.

This is my new bandana that Dad decided at lunchtime was the time to try it on me.

The weather has changed to showers and cloud. To save me getting wet on my nights walk I went out in my rain jacket.

Dad has been on the phone to my Kent grandad tonight and a visit is on the cards so that means I get to see Sammy my yorkie mate.
Dad also phoned my French grandad who I haven't met and that will happen next month.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Home very tired blog

Well hoomans been busy doing 6 loads of washing including my sleeping bag and towel.
I've been really tired today so just been moving from sofa to sofa.

Hoomans got chicken for tea and have promised me some and the gravy.
That's all my blogging daily done as my holiday is finished. I will aim for at least 1 a week.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Holiday over blog

Well hoomans saw the weather forecast and decided it was best to go home today not tomorrow.
Something about the tent being bigger than our garden so if it got wet then it would be impossible to dry.

With the packing done hoomans got a shower then some lunch in the outstanding old smithy cafe in Monyash.
Drove to Lathkill Dale for a walk in the woods saw some strange people!

I think they were on a sponsored walk or something. We even went over a bridge but it was a good excuse to try out my new lead.

Got home I eat my tea whilst the hoomans unpacked everything.
Loved my holiday but I missed my sleeps on the sofa.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Chatsworth country fair blog

Knowing I was I going to be walked round the country fair I got fed sardines on my kibble. Nom nom!
Whilst walking round the fair we went up to the lurcher area and saw this sign.

So far I've met 2 greys who are going to the gathering. Then I met 2 more black greys at the Sheffield retired greyhound stall. I got a new collar to wear at the gathering and Dad got a T-shirt for the gathering.

Found all the people and noises of whole fair stressful. Hoomans took me into Chatsworth house gardens so I can get some peace. Mom been stroking my neck and ears for ages.

After I had chilled a bit we went back to the stalls then the Rolo shopping really started. I got a thunder jacket to help calm me, a cool dog wet jacket I can walk in when it's hot, a dinky poo bag, a help the heroes lead and dog buff. Not bad I thought.
4.15pm it was the red arrows - boy they were noisy scared me. Mom thought it was a good time to try my thunder jacket.

Just when I thought my fun is over we are sticking around to watch 40 hot air balloons. Ooppps it's too windy so they have been cancelled. Time to go back to the tent for a kip!

Well dressing and walk blog

After my afternoon sleeping hoomans decided it was time to do something.
We went to Wormhill for their 60th anniversary well dressing.

It's a Derbyshire thing blessing the wells for the water they bring. Each village for a week decorate boards with flower petals. They also display scarcrows.

They also decorate churches with flowers. I was going to stand outside with Mom but one of the guides said I was allowed in. So I did.

After the well dressing we went to Tideswell for a walk. Dad had to pay a hour on the car park even though the restrictions finished in 30 minutes. Did a lovely 3.5 mile walk but I needed to visit the stream for a drink.