Saturday, 17 September 2011

Great greyhound gathering pt 2 blog

After the hoomans were feed and I got some of their sandwiches we went back into the gathering.
We walking straight into some twitter mates I recognised @soxiloxi hoomans but she was back in Wrexham as she came into season. They did bring another of their dogs Dino @dinomatic

Next I met Maxi @maxisuluki

Then Jasper with his hooman slave @sukesu who gave me some lovely liver treats she had made. Nom Nom!

Diesel the grey @blueskinnydog looked away as dad tried to get a photo of him.

After watching the fancy dress class we all posed for a twitter pack photo

The great greyhound gathering was fantastic but I'm shattered now. I do like my rosette I got for entering the classes . See you next year.

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  1. Love the rosette Rolo :D Was so lovely to meet you and your humans today....only 364 days until next year's GGG!