Thursday, 29 September 2011

Dads illness blog

I thought I would share what my Dad has been up to.

He took me out last Wednesday and felt a sharp pain in his right groin. Drove to work saw a nurse who sent him to A&E. They took a chest xray and saw he had a temperature and admitted him.

During Wednesday & Thursday a rash came up on his leg.

He had an ultrasound on his leg showing an enlarged lymph node. Finally after two days of sandwiches being his only meal he moved to a ward at 7.20 Thursday night.

He then had 4 tines daily antibiotics 2 different sorts. The 2g flucloxacillin is well strong on the veins hence he had 5 canulars fitted in 5.5 days. He also has a lovely bruise on his arm where a failed attempt was made to put another one in.

Wednesday night they also spotted an infection on his foot.

Which despite the antibiotics got worse before showed signs of improvement.

Mom meanwhile was doing all my walks. Sunday she took me to the local retired greyhound walk. I got some fish cake treats nom nom! and we got Dad a mini soft toy greyhound to keep him company in hospital.

Things are improving so he came home Monday night. I was glad to see him so I decided to cuddle him on my sofa.

He's off work for 2 weeks but is resting so he can't walk me. Today though he has developed a rash on his arm and chest.

The doctor has changed his antibiotics and given him strong piriton.

Nice to have him home though I hope he gets better soon so we can go out walking together again!

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