Friday, 7 October 2011

Busy day out blog

Mom had day off work and Dad is still off work so went out for a walk with my French grandparents. (ok they are English but live in France)

As it was windy and threatening rain I had to wear my warm coat. At the beginning of the walk I met another black grey he was shivering so glad I had my coat on.

We stopped for a quick rest. Dad used a poo bag as a make shift bowl
to give me a drink from the water fountain by the 11th golf tea.

I had a kip in the car why hoomans had a pub lunch. If we were in the Peak District I would have gone in the pub with them.

This was my post walk snack a smoky pigs trotter. Mom said it stank her work desk out on Thursday.

It was completely nomlious and last me 1hr 10 minutes so 50p well spent! 

I slept on the sofa since but Dad has found a great new free app (temporary) for the ibone (isketch).
This is his handy work.

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  1. Hi Rolo,
    Glad your Dad is well enough to go out on your walks now and what a grrreat isketch :)