Saturday, 22 October 2011

AK Creations rule blog

The weather is getting cooler and darker sooner. Us greys need to be looked after in both of these. My hoomans have discovered a great company AK Creations.

No noms or money is being exchanged for this review. Just a big smile on my face and my other hound friends.

My first buy was their reflective belt. Fits over the head easy and adjustable at the side. So I can wear it with different thickness of jacket.

My four legged pj's keep me warm at night. But my other greys have some also. Holly ! @holly_bobbins


And Dave @davidsbestmate

But now it's got colder outside my custom made jacket arrived. I love it it's a full snood so keeps my neck and ears warm !

But let's not forgot the really cool logo on their products !

Hoomans and I love AK Creations !

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  1. Hi Rolo,

    I lurve your outfits.
    You're one well dressed hound :-)