Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Walk in the dark blog

Sunday night I went to Cannon Hill park in Birmingham to walk as part of the walk in the dark charity walks.

This was the first time walk in the dark walks have been organised in 10 locations across the country from the 8th-16th October to raise funds for medical detection & cancer dogs.

But also to encourage dog owners and dogs to be more visible in the winter months. Statistics show there are 50% more road accidents involving dogs in the winter.

Being a black grey I went with my flashing collar on (pet shops) and my reflective belt (AK Creations) I'm doing my bit to be more visible and stops the silly hoomans tripping over me when they are walking me.

We did 2 circuits of the park but it was a bit disappointing as there was only 4 dogs there and I was the only one with bright stuff on.

Did get a goodie bag but it was for charity so worth doing. Let's hope next year they repeat it and get more hounds and raise more money !


  1. What a great idea! So sorry that there weren't more dogs there.

    Love your collar.

    The Man Of The House has bought the Lady Of The House a reflective waistcoat - but she says her plan is to have all walks done in daylight hours even in the heart of winter.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  2. Hi Rolo,
    Shame more owners didn't join you, it's a good idea.
    Amber and Annie have flashing units attached to their collars, but they are walked early morning and it's dark then too.