Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Retired greyhound walk Redditch blog

Sorry guys I've been busy sleeping and getting cuddles from my French Grandparents to write my blog.

Sunday woke up not wanting any food I think my big trotter upset my belly. So much so I was sick in grandpops car before we set off! Ooppps !

We went to Arrow Valley country park in Redditch recently voted the best place in Redditch for the retired greyhound walk.

Grandma fell in love with Harry and gave him loads of cuddles.
I was busy looking around at the other greys arriving.

11 o clock arrived and we set off 42 greys including the one that the daybreaks kennels got a week ago in a bad shape left in cage in a repossessed home. The good news is she's putting weight on and doing well.

The weather was dry and we had a lovely 30 minute walk around the lake. (you can get leaflets from the Centre for 2-2.5 hour walks) Grandparents enjoyed it never seen so many well behaved dogs and loved all the different coloured greys.

Sat around whilst the hoomans had coffee. I started to feel better so mugged Dad for homemade liver cake that he had in the treat bag. Nom nom! We had the raffle raised £83 for the kennels so a great morning was had by all.

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  1. What a greyt walk :)

    So sad about that poor dog, glad he's doing well now. I can't bear to read about cruelty :(
    I wish all dogs had good homes.

    No more big trotters for you for a while Rolo!
    Take care