Wednesday, 10 September 2014

1000 sighthounds 2014 blog

So it's the second time I've made the hoomans take a holiday in Devon so I can go to 1000 sighthounds charity day out. This year is the third time it's been organised by the greyhound sanctuary.

Lots of nice people in high vis jackets told Hoodad where to park. The registration tent was as soon as you came in £3 per dog to go on the walk. We were there at 10.30 so I scoped out some of the other breeds there.

I also spotted lots of whippets, Saluki's, Deerhounds and lurchers. The walk started at 11 so Star and I got ourselves to the starting tape.

The walk was down the field up a concrete path through the woods and then back down the fields about 45 minutes. It was quite a fast pace so I didn't get to sniff many hound bottoms.

On returning from the walk I saw a stand from a nice lady from Bristol university doing research into dog dental hygiene.

Hoomom had to answer a 4 page questionnaire that asked questions such as

Name, age, racing name, food I'm fed, how often I eat bones or dental chews, have my teeth brushed, medical history and lots more. In the meantime I was being fed smackos whilst the lady looked at my teeth, took photos of them and took a swab from inside my mouth.

Lastly my height was measured. I enjoyed taking part in the research I wonder if they will need me again.

The rest of the day was a fun dog show, dogs trust giving free microchipping and other doggie stands. Hoomans decided it was too hot to stick around so we left all the other doggies to it and went off to see Exmouth.