Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fur Friend Friday - Georgie blog

Here's a friend of mine who I met at the seaside and we both saw the sea - Georgie.

Name - Georgie
Breed - Greyhound
Colour- White and Black
Where did you come from? Came to England from Ireland
Where do you now live? In East Kent
Who do you live with? My humum Niki and landlady auntie Janice
Are you on any social networks? Yes, Twitter (@georgieGreyhoun (ran out of letters for the d) and facebook

Where did you race?
Sittingbourne, Kent
What was your racing name? Lacken Roulette, whilst in Ireland, then was changed to Trosley Lord
What were you parents names? (sire & dam) Blackjack Tom and Lacken Rose
Were you a good racer?
Ran 59 races, won 11

When did I first met you? On the Kent Greyhound monthly walk in Hythe, March 2012
Favourite walk? Love to run in the corn fields by our house
Favourite place to visit? Anywhere with a beach!

What is your Daily kibble?
Arden Grange
What is your favourite treat?
Wonky chomps!
What do you dislike? Er...nothing!
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat?
Favourite toy?
Any teddy that squeaks!

Next week the first of a three hounds that live together. Who do I introduce you all to first? You will have to come back and read it next week. Have fun love and barks Rolo 🐶

Fur Friends Friday - Mouse blog

Today is the first of the my hound friends that I go to school with - Mouse

Name - Mouse
Do you have any nicknames?
Moousey moo and doglit.
Breed - Greyhound
Colour - White & Black
How are old you/when were you born?
I'm 3, born 4th July 2009
(American independence day)
Where did you come from? Ireland
Where do you now live? Oldbury , West Midlands
Who do you live with? Traci & Keith
Are you on any social networks? No I don’t have the time, as I'm a Pets As Therapy Dog, jogging buddy to Traci & train hard at school & home.

Where did you race? Perry Barr
What was your racing name? Ballylaw Mouse
What were you parents names? (sire & dam) Brooklinn Sara & Droopys Kewell

I'm Rolo's half sister (same dad) but the photo proves how Star has the identical head to me! I'm on the left in the coat.

Were you a good racer? I ran 22 races, won 5 of them, came 2nd in 6 of them.
But my best achievement was at Crufts when I passed my bronze Award for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme. I made my owner cry with delight, it was a proud day for all Greyhounds. I have now passed my silver I's clever.

When did I first met you?
At dog training on a Monday night I think it was, but now we are both in the same Saturday class.
Favourite walk? I love to go to the greyhound walks, when my owner can find them BOL, but at home I love the canal walk that we do as I’m off lead all the way.
Favourite place to visit? I would say my Bed as I am a greyhound as you know but I love Saturday mornings training class as Julie has lots of furry toys and I drive Traci crazy.

What is your Daily kibble? I have Natures Diet and dried mix, smash potatoe or rice and sometimes pasta depending on whats for tea
What is your favourite treat? Defently Pigs Ears YUMMY
What do you dislike? Flies
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat?
All fair game but I would have to say SQUIRREL they are more of a challenge but Traci thinks I'm out growing it, I just pretend. When she gives up chocolate I will give up squirrels and we all know that will never happen.

Favourite toy? I have two teddies, hippo & baby which I love them as they squeak. I also have a rubber ball for the park and I really love fetching it, I get quite excited since Traci got this new throwing thing, the ball goes quite far.

Any other comments

I love Rolo's Adventures and he even texts me with diary reminds of events. So keep up the good work and I love the cakes that Mike & Emma (His hoomans) do - YUMMY.

Fur Friends Friday - Holly Blog

This is my 2nd fur friend - Holly.

Name - Holly Band aka Holly Bobbins
Breed - Greyhound
Colour - Beautiful Black
Where did you come from? Dogs Trust Kenilworth but firstly Barley Kennels (RGT) Waltham Abbey
Where do you now live? Nr Daventry in Northamptondshire
Who do you live with? Me mama Emma and me dad Andy (@racingwookie) and me greyhound bruv Harry (@brindle_bruv)

Are you on any social networks? Twitter (@holly_bobbins)
Where did you race? Never raced
What was your racing name? Original kennel name was Flame
What were you parents names? (sire & dam) Droopys Maldini and Cherrys Mentor
Were you a good racer? obviously not!!!
When did I first met you? We were kennel mates at Barley's and Kenilworth dogs trust

Favourite walk? Salcey Forest
Favourite place to visit? Grandma and Grandads house in Scotland
What is your Daily kibble? Burgess Supadog Greyhound and Lurcher
What is your favourite treat? Wonky Chomps!!!

What do you dislike? The cold
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat? Squizzle
Favourite toy? Honkdapuss!
Any other comments -
I loves doing meets n greets for me greyhound club.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Fur Friends Friday - Soxiloxi - blog

Hoorah it's another fur friend this time it's a friend of mine that lives a long way away in Wrexham - Soxi

Name : Sox aka Soxiloxi aka The Soxalator
Breed : Whippet
Colour : Mostly Black with white socks and a white flash
How are are you? I'm 3

When did I first met you? Twitter and in person at the Dogs Trust Roden show July 2011
Favourite walk? Everywhere mom goes
Favourite place to visit? North Wales Beaches

Where did you come from? We are not sure. She was found in a bus station.
Where do you now live? In Wrexham
Who do you live with? Mami, Papi, Dino and Kayleigh
Are you on any social networks? Twitter, Facebook, Google+
Where did you race? Sox might not be a Greyhound but Sox races around like a loon most of the time
What was your racing name? I am Soxi
What were you parents names? Karen & Neil ;-)

What is your Daily kibble? #RAWRULES
What is your favourite treat? Chewy stuff from Germany and Wonkychomps
What do you dislike? Somebody knocking on the front door

Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat? Yes please and all of the above
Favourite toy? Socks
Any other comments
Her Mantra - I am sexy and I know it - wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Fur Friends Friday Blog

You may have seen other bloggers do Wordless Wednesday which I really must get in on. A great picture for the day and that's it.

I wanted to do something different so I decided on Fur Friends Friday. It's when I introduce one of my friends to you in the style of a question and answers interview.

The first of my Fur Friends is Cedders Greyhound.

Name - Cedders
Breed - Greyhound
Colour- blue and white (chunky)
Where did you come from? Greenfield's greyhound rescue
Where do you now live? Stoke on Trent
Who do you live with? Mom and dad
Are you on any social networks?yes twitter @ceddersgreyhound and Facebook ceddersgreyhound
(Greyhounds) where did you race? Perry Barr, Birmingham
Were you a good racer? Won 25 races
When did I first met you? My Dad was talking to your Mom in the best male under 8 class at Great British Greyhound Gathering 2011 (GGG 2011).

Favourite walk? Penthire headland , Cornwell
Favourite place to visit? Cornwell- that's where my future wife Molly Greyhound (@Greyhounds_PZ) lives. It's a long distance love but we tweat each other every day.
What is your Daily kibble? Wagg & tripe
What is your favourite treat? Anything
What do you dislike? The smoke alarm I go mental when it goes off.
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat? Cat
Favourite toy? Christmas Turkey

That's all for this first Fur Friends Friday not sure if it will be a regular weekly thing but I have other friends to tell you about.

Any comments or feedback appreciated. Better still any questions you would like me to ask.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Pedigree Play again event 10th June Blog

Sunday 10th June I went to Pype Hayes Park for the Pedigree Play Again.

The park is about a mile away from where we live but my hoomans used to live about 500 yards away.

It was basically a chance for us hounds to meet the lovely people from pedigree who are involved with the joint care+ trial. As well as the chance for us hounds to tell our stories how the joint care+ has helped. Watch the video below advertising the play again events. If you look carefully you can see Star on it in the Birmingham event.

I was on the trial for 6 weeks taking 1 tasty chew a day. The science bit is they are only 67 calories for a large dog but 3 times more glucosamine then the next best selling joint chew. As well as glucosamine it also has omega 3 (stuff from fish oils, for flexibility)green lipped mussel powder (important for healthy joints) and methionine (helps with joint stiffness). As you can see below I enjoyed the taste of them.

At the park was a massive sofa, a ball launcher (for those that love chase and fetch - I prefer just chase and run) and a fence to jump over with motion sensor to catch the moment for the pedigree Facebook page.

But I mentioned large sofa and as you know Star and I love lounging on a sofa. So we did!

Whilst chillin on the sofa Mom got interviewed about how I improved with taking my daily joint care+ chew.

Then to top it all about 2 weeks after going to the event the lovely people at Pedigree sent Star and I photos taken at the event. They are now proudly on display on the fire place.
To end on a high the trial has started again and I'm following new dogs doing well on twitter @wearefordogs #playagain or the pedigree Facebook page.

So if you are in the Manchester area the play again event that got cancelled is now on 19th August. I'm sure you will have as much fun on the day as I did.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Great British greyhound walk 17.6.12 blog

On Sunday 17th June Star and I walked over Cannock chase, Bridley Heath. The reason it was a week early for the great British greyhound walk is because it was being organised by Monmore RGT (where Star came from). On the 24th June the official date they have their first Greyhound and lurcher fun day.

The walk started at 10.30 and the weather forecast was supposed to be dry. Guess what they got it wrong and it rained heavy for 30 minutes. Fortunately when you are rehomed from Monmore RGT they give you a jacket and lots of them were on display.

Prior to the walk I interviewed my mate Cedders for my new blog feature Fur Friends Friday.

About 40 dogs went on the walk and there was a choice of either a 1 1/4 mile or 2 1/5 mile walk. The majority of the dogs were with Star and I on the longer walk. We had never walked on Cannock chase before so loved all bracken, trees and well marked paths. Fortunately it wasn't too muddy, just lots of rain.

Thanks to Dads friend Jo for finishing our bandanas off we wore them with pride. Hoomans had their GBGW badges & we were the only hounds with bandanas.

On completion of the walk we had a group photo

Hooman apologises for anyone who got missed off as it started to rain again and people wanted to get off.

My hoomans had made some biscuits for all the doggies so us hounds had water, sausage and biscuits. They all went well Nom Nom !

Will definitely nag the hoomans to take us back to Cannock Chase again

Go to

To find a walk near to you for this Sunday 24th June and bring another greyhound with you so we can reach 2500 and a new record.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

National microchipping month blog

Hopefully by now you have seen information in the press and radio that June is National microchipping month. I just wanted to say how important it is to have your pet microchipped. Watch this great video telling you about the process of microchipping.

As a greyhound from a retired Greyhound trust I'm chipped. I was registered in Ireland so I also have I.D. tattoos in both ears and Star being british is only tattooed in 1 ear. Once a dog is chipped it is the reponsibilty of the owner to keep all you address and owner details up to date. Unlike a collar a microchip can't be removed.

That's where the My Dog App is really useful it has a my pet dog lost alert feature. If your dog has premium Petlogmembership you can alert authorised agents within a 30 mile radius from 1 click on your smartphone. Even better news during the national microchipping month you can upgrade to premium Petlog online for £7.50 instead of the normal £15. My Kent Grandad just got a new yorkie and I upgraded little Betty's pet log details. After the upgrade you have unlimited lifetime change of address details and you can add holiday and family addresses.

The chip is the size of a grain of rice and is fitted in minutes and lasts a lifetime but please remember to keep your details up to date and it's the owners responsibility.

Microchipping has been in the press recently with pressure to make all dogs young and old have a compulsory microchip. Please take a couple minutes to do the survey

If your beloved pet isn't chipped I hope this blog has encouraged you to get one very soon.