Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fur Friends Friday - Mouse blog

Today is the first of the my hound friends that I go to school with - Mouse

Name - Mouse
Do you have any nicknames?
Moousey moo and doglit.
Breed - Greyhound
Colour - White & Black
How are old you/when were you born?
I'm 3, born 4th July 2009
(American independence day)
Where did you come from? Ireland
Where do you now live? Oldbury , West Midlands
Who do you live with? Traci & Keith
Are you on any social networks? No I don’t have the time, as I'm a Pets As Therapy Dog, jogging buddy to Traci & train hard at school & home.

Where did you race? Perry Barr
What was your racing name? Ballylaw Mouse
What were you parents names? (sire & dam) Brooklinn Sara & Droopys Kewell

I'm Rolo's half sister (same dad) but the photo proves how Star has the identical head to me! I'm on the left in the coat.

Were you a good racer? I ran 22 races, won 5 of them, came 2nd in 6 of them.
But my best achievement was at Crufts when I passed my bronze Award for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme. I made my owner cry with delight, it was a proud day for all Greyhounds. I have now passed my silver I's clever.

When did I first met you?
At dog training on a Monday night I think it was, but now we are both in the same Saturday class.
Favourite walk? I love to go to the greyhound walks, when my owner can find them BOL, but at home I love the canal walk that we do as I’m off lead all the way.
Favourite place to visit? I would say my Bed as I am a greyhound as you know but I love Saturday mornings training class as Julie has lots of furry toys and I drive Traci crazy.

What is your Daily kibble? I have Natures Diet and dried mix, smash potatoe or rice and sometimes pasta depending on whats for tea
What is your favourite treat? Defently Pigs Ears YUMMY
What do you dislike? Flies
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat?
All fair game but I would have to say SQUIRREL they are more of a challenge but Traci thinks I'm out growing it, I just pretend. When she gives up chocolate I will give up squirrels and we all know that will never happen.

Favourite toy? I have two teddies, hippo & baby which I love them as they squeak. I also have a rubber ball for the park and I really love fetching it, I get quite excited since Traci got this new throwing thing, the ball goes quite far.

Any other comments

I love Rolo's Adventures and he even texts me with diary reminds of events. So keep up the good work and I love the cakes that Mike & Emma (His hoomans) do - YUMMY.


  1. That was lovely to meet Mouse and she's Star's half sister too, so alike! I am so impressed that she's a Pets as Therapy Dog...well done Mouse :-)

  2. Mouse is lovely! She sounds like a very busy girl, too!