Saturday, 2 June 2012

National microchipping month blog

Hopefully by now you have seen information in the press and radio that June is National microchipping month. I just wanted to say how important it is to have your pet microchipped. Watch this great video telling you about the process of microchipping.

As a greyhound from a retired Greyhound trust I'm chipped. I was registered in Ireland so I also have I.D. tattoos in both ears and Star being british is only tattooed in 1 ear. Once a dog is chipped it is the reponsibilty of the owner to keep all you address and owner details up to date. Unlike a collar a microchip can't be removed.

That's where the My Dog App is really useful it has a my pet dog lost alert feature. If your dog has premium Petlogmembership you can alert authorised agents within a 30 mile radius from 1 click on your smartphone. Even better news during the national microchipping month you can upgrade to premium Petlog online for £7.50 instead of the normal £15. My Kent Grandad just got a new yorkie and I upgraded little Betty's pet log details. After the upgrade you have unlimited lifetime change of address details and you can add holiday and family addresses.

The chip is the size of a grain of rice and is fitted in minutes and lasts a lifetime but please remember to keep your details up to date and it's the owners responsibility.

Microchipping has been in the press recently with pressure to make all dogs young and old have a compulsory microchip. Please take a couple minutes to do the survey

If your beloved pet isn't chipped I hope this blog has encouraged you to get one very soon.

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