Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Fur Friends Friday - Soxiloxi - blog

Hoorah it's another fur friend this time it's a friend of mine that lives a long way away in Wrexham - Soxi

Name : Sox aka Soxiloxi aka The Soxalator
Breed : Whippet
Colour : Mostly Black with white socks and a white flash
How are are you? I'm 3

When did I first met you? Twitter and in person at the Dogs Trust Roden show July 2011
Favourite walk? Everywhere mom goes
Favourite place to visit? North Wales Beaches

Where did you come from? We are not sure. She was found in a bus station.
Where do you now live? In Wrexham
Who do you live with? Mami, Papi, Dino and Kayleigh
Are you on any social networks? Twitter, Facebook, Google+
Where did you race? Sox might not be a Greyhound but Sox races around like a loon most of the time
What was your racing name? I am Soxi
What were you parents names? Karen & Neil ;-)

What is your Daily kibble? #RAWRULES
What is your favourite treat? Chewy stuff from Germany and Wonkychomps
What do you dislike? Somebody knocking on the front door

Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat? Yes please and all of the above
Favourite toy? Socks
Any other comments
Her Mantra - I am sexy and I know it - wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah


  1. Nice to meet Sox from Wrexham. We live on the north Wales coast. Nice to see she visits our beaches sometimes,they are great to have a good run on. We like Sox's last pic, she has lovely eyes:-)

  2. Hi Soxi! Your interview gave me a good fit of the giggles!