Sunday, 30 October 2011

Discovery dogs show blog

Well today, mum & dads tickets arrived for Discovery Dogs being held on 12-13 November 2011, at Earls Court, London. Apparently, I am not invited, huff, so I will be spending the day with my grandad and Sammy, the Yorkshire Terrier in Kent.

The hoomans have been to Discovery Dogs before, many moons ago, before I was born. Last time they went with mummy's parents too.

They tell me it's a great place to go if you are a dog lover, owner, or thinking about getting a dog. There are lots of stalls selling everything for your dog, such as, food (nom nom), toys (squeak squeak), leads, collars, coats and treats. Don't forget my treats for being a good boy at grandads! There are also stalls selling doggy related items such as t shirts, mugs, and figurines for the humans to spoil themselves with.

If you are looking for a dog you have the chance to meet all the different breeds in person and find out the advantages/disadvantages of the breeds from the experts on the stalls. They are so knowledgeable about their own breeds, so great to get their views. This is a great part of the show for those who are either considering their very first dog or looking to home a dog of a different breed to what they are used to. Mummy fell in love with the Italian greyhounds last time but daddy said "no" when they found out the price of a puppy. Mum also likes looking (again will never be allowed to have) the Great Danes. I think the hoomans will be spending more time with the Greyhounds this year.

In addition to this there is also a lot of rescue charities promoting rehoming unwanted/unloved dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes. That is how I came into my forever home. They all do a wonderful job with us hounds and need all the support they can get.

Not quite like Crufts, but there is also a show ring where the dogs get to take part in activities like Heel to Music, Flyball and Agility. Agility not made for Greyhounds, I tried and failed. Great to watch these dogs thoroughly enjoying themselves though.

It sounds like the hoomans are going to have a fun filled day, as long as they don't forget my treats and Christmas presents!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

AK Creations rule blog

The weather is getting cooler and darker sooner. Us greys need to be looked after in both of these. My hoomans have discovered a great company AK Creations.

No noms or money is being exchanged for this review. Just a big smile on my face and my other hound friends.

My first buy was their reflective belt. Fits over the head easy and adjustable at the side. So I can wear it with different thickness of jacket.

My four legged pj's keep me warm at night. But my other greys have some also. Holly ! @holly_bobbins


And Dave @davidsbestmate

But now it's got colder outside my custom made jacket arrived. I love it it's a full snood so keeps my neck and ears warm !

But let's not forgot the really cool logo on their products !

Hoomans and I love AK Creations !

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Walk in the dark blog

Sunday night I went to Cannon Hill park in Birmingham to walk as part of the walk in the dark charity walks.

This was the first time walk in the dark walks have been organised in 10 locations across the country from the 8th-16th October to raise funds for medical detection & cancer dogs.

But also to encourage dog owners and dogs to be more visible in the winter months. Statistics show there are 50% more road accidents involving dogs in the winter.

Being a black grey I went with my flashing collar on (pet shops) and my reflective belt (AK Creations) I'm doing my bit to be more visible and stops the silly hoomans tripping over me when they are walking me.

We did 2 circuits of the park but it was a bit disappointing as there was only 4 dogs there and I was the only one with bright stuff on.

Did get a goodie bag but it was for charity so worth doing. Let's hope next year they repeat it and get more hounds and raise more money !

Perry Barr RGT fun dog show blog

Been busy so a bit slow writing this blog paws ached after the weekend.
I spent Friday night crashed out in the back of the car as I was driven to my Kent grandad.
Saturday I spent the day relaxing

Sunday hoomans got me up early and we out walking at 6.45am. We left Kent at 7.15 to go to the dog show.

Nice show in the indoor riding arenas. There were lots of stalls one that caught my attention was the silver peacocks !

Lucky lad me got spoilt to a Halloween collar and a Christmas collar ( will show that off nearer to the time) which I'm wearing with my bandana from the RGT stall.

But I still had two more great things. The first was meeting Holly (@holly_bobbins) and her brother Harry. Holly and I used to share kennels in Essex when we both retired and then got moved together to Kenilworth dogs trust.

We both got entered into various classes. The last one we both went into was best rescued greyhound. Holly took to lying down in the ring so she got cuddles to stand help her stand up.

The judge went round and choose her placing.... I got one .......

So I was well happy ! Holly and Harry we robbed they are my furpals and great dogs.
We said our goodbyes as I needed some tea before my evening walk in the dark.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Retired greyhound walk Redditch blog

Sorry guys I've been busy sleeping and getting cuddles from my French Grandparents to write my blog.

Sunday woke up not wanting any food I think my big trotter upset my belly. So much so I was sick in grandpops car before we set off! Ooppps !

We went to Arrow Valley country park in Redditch recently voted the best place in Redditch for the retired greyhound walk.

Grandma fell in love with Harry and gave him loads of cuddles.
I was busy looking around at the other greys arriving.

11 o clock arrived and we set off 42 greys including the one that the daybreaks kennels got a week ago in a bad shape left in cage in a repossessed home. The good news is she's putting weight on and doing well.

The weather was dry and we had a lovely 30 minute walk around the lake. (you can get leaflets from the Centre for 2-2.5 hour walks) Grandparents enjoyed it never seen so many well behaved dogs and loved all the different coloured greys.

Sat around whilst the hoomans had coffee. I started to feel better so mugged Dad for homemade liver cake that he had in the treat bag. Nom nom! We had the raffle raised £83 for the kennels so a great morning was had by all.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Busy day out blog

Mom had day off work and Dad is still off work so went out for a walk with my French grandparents. (ok they are English but live in France)

As it was windy and threatening rain I had to wear my warm coat. At the beginning of the walk I met another black grey he was shivering so glad I had my coat on.

We stopped for a quick rest. Dad used a poo bag as a make shift bowl
to give me a drink from the water fountain by the 11th golf tea.

I had a kip in the car why hoomans had a pub lunch. If we were in the Peak District I would have gone in the pub with them.

This was my post walk snack a smoky pigs trotter. Mom said it stank her work desk out on Thursday.

It was completely nomlious and last me 1hr 10 minutes so 50p well spent! 

I slept on the sofa since but Dad has found a great new free app (temporary) for the ibone (isketch).
This is his handy work.