Monday, 5 September 2011

Back to normal routine blog

So the kids are back at school and my hoomans back at work. That means lots of chillin on the sofa listening to radio 2.
Dad was late leaving for work came into the lounge and saw me doing the greyhound thing - lying upside down. The sneak took this opportunity to brush my teeth! Not funny.

This is my new bandana that Dad decided at lunchtime was the time to try it on me.

The weather has changed to showers and cloud. To save me getting wet on my nights walk I went out in my rain jacket.

Dad has been on the phone to my Kent grandad tonight and a visit is on the cards so that means I get to see Sammy my yorkie mate.
Dad also phoned my French grandad who I haven't met and that will happen next month.

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  1. Like the bandana - I don't have any but have spied one with geocaching logo all over it and it will be going on my xmas wish list!