Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Daddy in hospital

Well I got up & went for my morning walk but dad was in a lot of pain in his leg when we got back.

Dad still went to work but felt worse at work & ended up in a&e at hospital. Dad told me he has got an infection and has a very high temperature. Drs & nurses have given him antibiotics & pain killers but he is still unwell.

Mum told me he has to stay in hospital overnight and is due to have a scan in the morning. His foot is all red & swollen as well so guessing no walks with dad for a bit.

Can't believe that the hospital don't know what is wrong with him or even find him a bed on a ward. Think mum should have taken one of my beds as it would be more comfy than the trolley bed he is on. Think he may have been better going to the vets as well. A £30 jab seems to solve everything!

Hope my dad finds out what is wrong soon & makes it home for my birthday tomorrow.

I'm off to keep dads sofa warm for him!


  1. Hi Rolo Hound,
    Sorry about your dad :(
    Hope his ouchie leg gets better soon, so you can get back to your walkies. We will cross our paws and say a little prayer for him.

    Happy Barkday Tomorrow!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  2. Hope your Dad gets better soon.
    Keep your paws crossed that he'll be home today and taking you walks very soon.

    Happy birthday Rolo, have a grrrreat day xx

  3. Hi Rolo... Hope your dad got out for your birthday and is feeling better now!
    I'm sorry it's late but I hope you had a great birthday with lots of snacks and presents!