Saturday, 10 September 2011

Kent visit blog

Hoomans put me in the car Friday night to travel down to Kent to see my mom's dad and Sammy my woofy mate.

After a night sleeping in the conservatory on the sofa Dad took
me out for my morning  but the bin was full

Fortunately Dad got a Dicky bag last week at Chatsworth so the odour seal was useful as it was a smelly one.

So I'm tired again so as the hoomans are in I'm in the lounge a nice leather sofa to lie on!

Being a woofer I spread out and force the hoomans onto the floor. Look between the shoulders that's me on the sofa ! Bol

Time to go for now 


  1. BOL love that you made the humans sit on the floor - you were very tired after all!!! Mum loves the dicky bag - where can she get one? Also love the cammo reference #geocaching!

  2. Good move Rolo to get the lounge while the humans are on the floor hehehe. Your little friend looks heaps cute. Its always nice to go visiting. Take care. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory