Friday, 2 September 2011

Chatsworth country fair blog

Knowing I was I going to be walked round the country fair I got fed sardines on my kibble. Nom nom!
Whilst walking round the fair we went up to the lurcher area and saw this sign.

So far I've met 2 greys who are going to the gathering. Then I met 2 more black greys at the Sheffield retired greyhound stall. I got a new collar to wear at the gathering and Dad got a T-shirt for the gathering.

Found all the people and noises of whole fair stressful. Hoomans took me into Chatsworth house gardens so I can get some peace. Mom been stroking my neck and ears for ages.

After I had chilled a bit we went back to the stalls then the Rolo shopping really started. I got a thunder jacket to help calm me, a cool dog wet jacket I can walk in when it's hot, a dinky poo bag, a help the heroes lead and dog buff. Not bad I thought.
4.15pm it was the red arrows - boy they were noisy scared me. Mom thought it was a good time to try my thunder jacket.

Just when I thought my fun is over we are sticking around to watch 40 hot air balloons. Ooppps it's too windy so they have been cancelled. Time to go back to the tent for a kip!


  1. Hi Rolo.

    Can I be cheeky and use that Dog Poo Fairy Poster on my blog please ? It's ace :)

  2. Looks like a good time! Love the 'Dog Poo Fairy' too, very clever!


  3. Rolo - you are the best dressed dog in the whole of the UK! How many outfits do you have??