Friday, 2 September 2011

Well dressing and walk blog

After my afternoon sleeping hoomans decided it was time to do something.
We went to Wormhill for their 60th anniversary well dressing.

It's a Derbyshire thing blessing the wells for the water they bring. Each village for a week decorate boards with flower petals. They also display scarcrows.

They also decorate churches with flowers. I was going to stand outside with Mom but one of the guides said I was allowed in. So I did.

After the well dressing we went to Tideswell for a walk. Dad had to pay a hour on the car park even though the restrictions finished in 30 minutes. Did a lovely 3.5 mile walk but I needed to visit the stream for a drink.

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  1. Well dressing? That's a new one for us, but it makes sense and look how much fun it is!