Thursday, 1 September 2011

Tired dog blog

I'm tired after my 7 mile walk yesterday. I only wanted to plod round Buxton. Hoomans went into the farmers market they didn't sell any doggie biscuits so had to take me to the pet shop instead. Whilst Dad and I waited for Mom I went and said hello to a black lady grey. We both wagged our tales at each a rare thing for both of us.
At the pet shop I got a couple of dental chews, bonios and biscuits. Did some shopping in the town and then over to the park.

Walked through the park and back to the car. Hoomans went to blaze farm to get a nice home made ice cream. I was kipping in the car so didn't get any.
Then back to the tent so I can rest.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Rolo,
    A 7 mile walk, no wonder you're tired. Love the pose :)
    I've noticed when I'm with daughter's two lurchers that they do recognise other hounds!
    I'm going to let daughter know about your blog, I know she'll love it like I do :)