Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Bakewell walk blog

Yes the wind has gone except for the wind I produce. Talking of which I had a tin of sardines over my kibble this morning so woofed it down. That may make the wind pick up again.

Got popped into the car for a 15 minute drive to Ashford in the water. Parked outside the church on the road so no parking charges.

Quick 1/4 mile on the pavement before walking across the field by the riverside.

On reaching Bakewell we popped into the Rohan shop. Scarred a small whippet on entering the shop as it was only a small one. The assistant had been talking about me saying I go in there. Hoomans got me a neck scarf but I will talk about that when it's cold.
Hoomans took me into the Castle inn and Dad got my blanket out I made him carry for me. They had lunch I got some biscuits from the bar.

Then Dad took us over to a small garden by the riverside to find a geocache before heading back to the car.

The walk book said a flat walk I disagree it was all up hill. I had only had biscuits and found it hard work must have tough for hoomans with a belly fun of pub grub! This way back had lots of stiles I got halfway through a stile(the type between 2 stones) then got my big muscly back legs stuck so had to be pushed out and then lifted over it!

2 fields later had to take a detour as the field was full of moos and mini moos, hoomans concerned we would chased by big moos protecting the mini moos !

After walking 1.5 miles along the road we turned off and went down the steep field avoiding the wooly jumper poo. The walk was 7.35 miles on Dads computer thingy GPS whatsit

I stayed in the car whilst they got a new chair as Mom broke hers yesterday. It was on special offer so they were pleased. Stocked up on a few bits and bobs in Morrisons before going back to the tent.

On arriving back at the tent I wasn't allowed to go in instead I was lead to the back of the tent where a giant pigs ear was waiting for me! Nom nom!


  1. Hi Rolo, fancy your mum and dad expecting you to walk all that way with only a couple of biscuits for lunch. Lucky they made up for it with a nice pigs ear to chew on. Have fun with your camping. No worries, and love, Stella

  2. Rolo, I hope you mean you scared a whippet and not
    "Scarred a small whippet":)