Monday, 29 August 2011

Carsington water & dog show

After my sickness and a snooze I was ready for my walk round Carsington water. Mom bought some trail guides so I could well be back there again. I liked it there footpaths for hoomans and for bikes. Met a whippet and a lady blue grey! 

A quick trip in the car trying out my new car harness. It works I can both crash out on the chair and kip or put my head out of the window.

Turned up at the great named pub. Bouncy castle, burgers, cakes, agility - had a go did much better than at the dogs trust one earlier this year - still managed to knock the bar off on the hurdles. Dad showed me in best dog and got through to best in show.

Yep did well in best in show but....

Mom got me a kong wubba to play with but I'm to tired so that will be another day. Back to the tent for more sleep 


  1. I hope the Greyhound Inn was a dog friendly pub:)
    and very well done, runner up and a rosette is grrrreat :)

  2. Congrants Rolo, we have a Greyhound Inn at the top of our road. I like how you have your ears pricked up in the first photo ;)
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx