Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bakewell and Heathersage

Got up and put in the car for the short trip to Bakewell for there Monday marker. Got brought 2 packs of paddywacks, a giant pig ear and some stick chews. Walked back to the car via the park.

Then drove to Calver so Mom could get her rucksack adjusted and get some T-shirts. Popped up the road to Heathersage after walking round there popped into Eddie's cafe.

I like it at Eddie's I was allowed inside, got given a chew and fussed loads. Hoomans said coffee, hot chocolate and cakes were nice. Took the chance for a lie down in the warm.

Hoomans had lunch at old hall inn Whitehough which one Derbyshire Cambra pub of the year 2010. Lovely beer and good food. Now back at the tent sleeping ! Life is good 

1 comment:

  1. Rolo, I lurve your coat, you look lovely and snuggly in there.
    Don't eat those treats all at once!