Friday, 2 November 2012

Fur Friends Friday Blog - Zac blog

Hi Guys I'm back sorry for the absence. Hooman been busy with his ibone so not been able to blog.

Today it's a lovely black greyhound Zak

Black with a white chest, white tippy toes an a tiny white tip on the end of me tail.
3 an 3/4
Dudes, Doodles, Monkey an Monkerlees

Where did you come from
RGT White Lodge I woz one of the 'White Lodge Babies'
Where do you live now ?
Who do you live with ?
Kitkat the monster mog, my new little sis Holly Greyhound and boring old mum an dad
Are you on any Social networks ?
I's on Twitter @ZakGreyhound

Where did you race ?
I's never raced, me and my 3 brothers were rescued as pups by the RGT cos our trainer had abandoned all his hounds.
When did I first meet you ?
In person at the totally pawsome 2012 Great Greyhound Gathering tweet up but we'd already met on twitter before then.

What is your Favourite walk ?
Colwick Park cos its got everything zoomie places, woods for sniffings an chasing, lakes an the river for paddling in and its next to Nottingham racecourse which is the bestest place ever for zoomies!
Favourite place to visit ?
The seaside yay I loves the seaside :)

What is your daily kibble ?
James Wellbeloved Lamb and Vegetables
What is your Favourite treat ?
a nice big juicy marrowbone from the butchers oooh nommy
What do you dislike ?
loud noises, I hates bangs of any kind and engines revving up like wot the boy racers do near my house
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat?
Squirrel any day of the week!
What is your Favourite toy ?
I's got 3 favrites my Big Bone that woz my first ever toy an I still carries it round if I gets scared, my wak wak an my octi I loves playin wiv me oct
Do you have any claims to fame ?
- a member of both the #goodlookingclub and #greyhoundpower on twitter and I's Mr August in Cat's (@eddieandcat) 2013 Calendar and I's on her bloggy too :)

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