Thursday, 27 September 2012

Fur Friend Friday - Stanley Blog

For today's fur friend I want to introduce another great black greyhound like myself - Stanley

Stanley Floyd Butcher
I’s a greyhound
I's black wivs a white chest, 3 white toes on each paw and a white tip on me tail (and sum grey hairs wot I don’t talk about).
How old are you?
I's 4 and half

Do you have any nick names?
Stanpanpooley, Stanley Panley, Stanners, Mummy’s hansum best black boy, Numpty
Where did you come from?
I’s from Ireland originally, ended up stray sumwhere up North, rescued by GALA transferred to GRWE!
Where do you live now?
Who do you live with?
Me Mum Amanda, Me Dad Geoff, Me hooman sister Emily and Ruby and Rufus the cats

Are you on any social networks?
I’s on Twitter @stanley_floyd and Facebook – Stanley Floyd . I luffs Twitter
Where did you race?
I’s got me ears tatooed but have no history on registered tracks, so Imite have run on flapping tracks, but I can’t remember.
What was your racing name?
I didn’t have one. No-one knows me real name, the GRWE called me Floyd, but I didn’t answer to that so I got a new name wiv me new home.
Were you a good racer?
I don’t know.

When did I first meet you?
We’s talked lots on Twitter, but we actually met at the 2012 GGG in Nottingham.

Favourite walk?
Harlestone Firs wot duz be a luffly forest wiv hundreds of Swizzles
Favourite place to visit?
Anywhere wivs me luffly gurlfrend @Holly_Bobbins
What is your Daily kibble?
Burgess Supa Dog for Greyhounds and Lurchers wiv sum raw mince (rabbit duz be me favrut).
What is your favourite treat?
Me Kong stuffed wivs cheese and peanut butter.

What do you dislike?
I duzn’t like dry biskit treats coz they just fall out of me mouf. I also duzn’t like bein moved when I’s comfie on the bed.
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat?
Favourite toy?
Me blue Oktapuss
Any other comments
I luff’s to spin and I haz me own blog on me friends petshop website.


  1. Aww Stanley, you've certainly landed on your very lovely white paws :-)

  2. Stanley, it sounds like life has been good to you!