Sunday, 9 September 2012

Puppy awareness week blog

Time to tell you about what is special about this week. 8th-14th September is National puppy awareness week !

Why do I need to talk to you about puppies we all know they are cute and lovely bundles of energy. Unfortunately it's not about them but to insure you buy a puppy from a registered kennel club breeder. As well as trying to stop puppy farms.

Please watch this video that will show you more but some of the scenes that dogs raised in puppy farms live in. You may find some scenes disturbing.

Hey I sound like a television programme! But it's serious.

After watching the video the first thing I then did was download a twibbon for my twitter account you can do yours by

In a recent study for the Kennel Club it found 20% of puppy owners bought their pet on the internet, a pet shop or a newspaper ad, all outlets used to sell farmed puppies, instead of direct from the breeder or a rescue home.

It revealed 30% had not seen their puppy with its mother, rising to 37% of those who bought their puppy from a newspaper ad, online or a pet shop, while 31% did not see their puppy in its breeding environment, rising to 40% of those buying from newspaper ads, pet shops and online.

"Puppy farmers and scam artists cash in on this. I urge potential puppy buyers to steer well clear of any breeder or outlet that does not assess your suitability as a dog owner and doesn't give you every opportunity to vet their suitability as a breeder."

I personally know of someone that bought a border collie from a service station. The following day developed a lot of pain a cough and a rash. £400 vets bill but 2 days later had to be out to sleep.

In closing

Stop and spot the signs of an irresponsible breeder
Tell the relevant authorities if you suspect a puppy farmer
Opt for a Kennel Club Assured Breeder or rescue dog
Please, spread the word.

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  1. I can't watch the video Rolo, too upsetting. It's good that the RSPCA make people aware of puppy farming though, it is rife here in Wales.
    I agree with you.I would urge anyone looking for a dog to go to a rescue where you will be homechecked and the dog will be neutered. Of course if anyone wants a puppy then go to reputable breeder where you can see the pup with it's mother.

    Your STOP message is excellent,