Saturday, 8 September 2012

Fur friend Saturday - Star blog

Today I renamed my blog to Saturday fur friend as I wanted to introduce the hound I share my forever home with Star.

Name. Star
Breed. Greyhound
Colour. White with 4 black spots.
How old are you? . 4 years old
Do you have any nicknames ? . Twinkle or Crazy Bitch (as I run around like a mad thing.) or Meerkat - when I'm in the boot of the car so you can have the back seat I sit up and lean forward onto the seat like a Meerkat!
Where did you come from?. Monmore retired greyhound trust (Wolverhampton)
Where do you now live? Birmingham
Who do you live with now? . Mike, Emma and you, but we are cousins as we have the same grandad - Larkhill Jo
Are you on any social networks?. Yes twitter @MissStarhound

This photo was the day I came home with you.

Where did you race?. Monmore (Wolverhampton)
Were you a good racer?. 41 races won 11
When did I first meet you? when you came to get a hound pal to share you home with. You walked in the paddock with me and a little black bitch. You made the right decision and chose me. November 2011

Favourite walk? . Waseley hills as I get excited and pull Dad up the hill
Favourite place to visit? . Chatsworth house and gardens. Lots of lovely smell and loads of visitors make a lot of fuss over cute me!

What is your Daily kibble?. Good questions it's a bit varied. I used to be on Red mills Greyhound food. Then I got moved onto pedigree vital protection and pedigree complete tinned. Did that for 2 weeks don't really like it so now some greyhound, pedogree dry and raw pet mince
What is your favourite treat?. Raw bones nom nom !
What do you dislike? . Being told to calm down and to get down when I jump up the hoomans. Listening in dog training classes.

Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat? . Only retiring last October 2011 I will chase anything. Cat on a daily basis but when visited hooman friends in Kent their pet bunnies looked very nice!
Favourite toy?. Squeaky dog toy with a squeaker and a bell in it.

Interesting fact . I'm famous as I Star in a book - walking with Boomer Staffordshire book !


  1. The world is your oyster, Star! :)


  2. You certainly landed on your paws Star when you went home with Rolo :-)
    I like your nicknames :-)