Friday, 17 August 2012

Fur Friends Friday - Janey blog

Today is another greyhound that I go to dog training with - Janey

Name Janey
Breed. Greyhound
Colour Brindle
How old are you? 5
Where did you come from? Solihull Daybreaks
Where do you now live? Solihull and Devon
2 homes I'm confussed how?
I live with my Hoomom during the week when Nicola works then at the weekend we go to Devon to this house project that Nicola is doing up.
Who do you live with? Nicola and Mum
Are you on any social networks? No
Where did you race? Nottingham
Were you a good racer? I guess so 9 wins out of 32. Is that good?
When did I first met you? Solihull Daybreaks RGT - you went down to look for a mate and you Hoodad liked me but I was already being walked by Nicola and Mom. So we were nearly living together!

Favourite walk? Teignmouth beach
Favourite place to visit? Greyhound training – Saturday’s and my cousin Mook’s house (my brother’s mad Collie/Staffy cross)

What is your Daily kibble? John Birch Chicken and Rice
What do you dislike? Not a lot! Winalot shapes bore me…
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat? Bunny….
Favourite toy? Big furry squeaky mouse

Tune in next week I'm keeping it a surprise who it will be.

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  1. Janey you're a lovely brindly girl. Aren't you lucky having two homes, that must be a very interesting life.