Thursday, 2 August 2012

Fur Friends Friday Jasper Blog

Today is the second of three hounds that live together - Jasper

Name Jasper
Breed Greyhound
Colour Black
How old are you/when were you born?
I was born on 2 May 2004 and am 8 years old
Where did you come from?
I’m an Irish dog and came across to England to race. When my racing days were over the lovely Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust helped me find a home.
Where do you now live?
In a lovely village near Market Rasen
Who do you live with?
My hu-mum & hu-dad, along with Mina, Stevie and Tula the cat (yes, I live with a cat!)
Are you on any social media sites?
Yes, I’m on Twitter - @JaspertheHound
Where did you race?
I raced mainly at Brough Park, Newcastle
What was your racing name?
Boherash Bravado ( )
What were you parents names? (sire & dame)
Roanokee (sire) Boherash Cait (dam)
Were you a good racer?
I ran in 162 races mainly grades A7-A5 and won 13 races.

When did I first met you?
At the Great Greyhound Gathering 2011
Favourite walk?
Willingham Woods
Favourite place to visit?
My Granny’s because I always get lots of treats.
What is your Daily kibble?
What is your favourite treat?
I like all food… but especially cheese
What do you dislike?
I can be quite a scaredy greyhound – I’m not fond of children (they move quickly and frighten me) and bicycles. My humum (who’s a dog trainer) has been helping me overcome my fears though, and I’m much better now.
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat?
I get excited over squirrels but I really love birds! I don’t chase cats as I live with a cat called Tula.
Favourite toy?
My hu-mum bought me a reindeer toy for Christmas and I love it.
Any other comments
I only have 4 teeth left and because of this my hu-mum calls me Mr Snaggletooth. My lack of teeth doesn’t stop me from liking all my food but it does mean that I can’t eat bones.


  1. Hi to Jasper,
    Aren't grannies just the best! Look after your remaining four teeth... though your nickname suits you :)

  2. Ah only haff my 4 fangs too. mah hooman calls me snaggle tuff too. (or sometimes vampire hound!)Cant wait meet you in September :)

  3. Thanks for featuring Jasper in your blog, Rolo, and thanks to everyone else for the comments.

    Jasper has asked me to say 'fanks' and to let you know that me (his humum)is taking care of his 4 remaining 'teefs' and he's looking forward to meeting everyone at the Great Greyhound Gathering :D