Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Greyhound walks charity dog show blog

After visiting Grandad in Kent and seeing my fur friend Betty it was time to go back home. But hoomans then told us it was via a diversion to the greyhound walks charity dog show. The event should have been in April
but all the heavy rain forced them to cancel it.

After an hour or so drive in the car the clever talking machine in the car got us to the dog show.

Star and I went straight to the registration area to be entered into a class each. Unfortunately we didn't win so no rosettes to show you. The show was well run giving away poop bags, lots of water on stands. As well as a great variety of stalls selling food, treats, collars and others.

After our time in the ring we went shopping and bumped into a famous dog. Dash bitch of the year and her hooman Andrew Dilger. If you haven't read Dash's book it's all about Andrew her hooman taking her on straight after retiring from racing and the journey in her forever home. It's a great read and good news for my american friends it will soon be on sale there. So a photo call with the famous hound was a must

Further round the stalls I bumped into Barley Kennels (Walthemstow) where I spent a happy 18 months when I first retired from racing. Joy who ran the kennels recognised me and me her - I went mental jumping up her, giving her cuddles (my little white fleck in my head gave me away) Hoomans got some of their key rings and some of my food. I helped myself to large gulps of their cold water!

After buying some of the biscuits on sale and checking out all the stores including more collars for Star and me from AK Creations.

With such a lovely sunny day and park it was time for a quick walk and to admire the views.

Today was a great day but made enjoyable as Star and I had our keep cool jackets on (www.keepcool.org.uk) other dogs had other sun jackets on but ours looked the smartest and fit the best. Even in the direct sunshine they stayed wet for 4 hours.

The show was fab and I will have to nag hoomans for a return visit next year.

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