Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Stars food trial blog

You may have seen my tweet the end of May 2012 my hoomans went to the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition. It's a Mars company were they research new food for Pedigree and the other company's they own.
Dad signed Star up for a 3 month trial feeding her on wet and dry food. The reason being Pedigree have just launched a new complete dry food called Vital Protection. We got disturbed from our beds Monday afternoon (30th July) by a delivery man. Hooman not in so the parcel got left outside.

What could it be further tearing by Dad revealed

2 minutes late

When changing food over you should always introduce it gradually. Decrease old food by 1/5th day 1 and add 1/5th new food. Then day 2 decrease old food by further 1/5th replace with new. Hoomans had to get calculators out to do Stars food for the next 5 days.

Today 1st August is day 1 for star and as you can see from the photo her bowl looks and interesting sight!

Time to mix it in!

I'll talk about the more scientific part of the reason for the trial in a later blog.
Good luck with the trial Star hope you find it tasty!


  1. That looks tasty! I like that kind of research! Have fun, Star!


  2. Mmmm Star that looks good. Hope you like it and it suits you.