Thursday, 20 September 2012

Fur friend Friday - Cat blog

I've been on holiday in Wales where the phone and Internet signal is nearly nil.
An apology to Star from my last fur friend I forgot to ask her what her racing name was. The answer is Sourcey Lonestar

This weeks fur friend is a twitter friend and fellow blogger it's Cat

Name Cat Greyhound
Breed Greyhound
Colour white with black splodges (like a cow)
How old are you? 11
Do you have any nick names? Catty, Moo, Yaya, Munchkin
Where did you come from? Ireland originally. Raced there for a bit then came over to England, did racing in Swindon for a few years, had some puppies before getting adopted straight from my trainer.

Where do you now live? Dawlish Devon
Who do you live with? My hooman girl and my hooman boy
Are you on any social networks? facebook (@cat greyhound) and twitter (@eddieandcat)
Where did you race? . Swindon (England) and Enniscorthy (Ireland)

What was your racing name? Whitfort Hannah (Ireland) Travelling Cat (Swindon)
Were you a good racer?
I think so 😀 but I only raced 12 times. I was used for breeding coz I have a strong chase instinct and come from a "good" breedline.
When did I first met you? On twitter and then in the fur at GGG 2012

Favourite walk? oooh too many to choose. I like Goodrington beach coz I can do zoomies and theres always lots other dogs to meet
Favourite place to visit? Everywhere. I love to explore all over and write about them on my blog

What is your Daily kibble? it changes but greyhound maintenance type kibbles with some tinned meat on top.
What is your favourite treat? . pedigree joint care chews

What do you dislike? when my daily routine changes and anything that goes bang
Which would you prefer rabbit? Squirrel? or cat? ooooh... can I have them all?
Favourite toy? I dont play with toys.
Any other comments

I have a blog (mentioned above) please have a read and I have written a book about my adventures. :)

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  1. Hi Rolo and Star,
    Hope you enjoyed your holiday in Wales.
    Love your name Cat. You're right not to like change, upsets everything! I'll have to pop over and read your blog.