Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sutton Coldfield Meet and Greet Blog

It's Easter Saturday and hoomans got us up early for one of my favourite things a meet and greet. But it's so cold but at least most of the snow has gone now.

Today's greet was in Sutton Coldfield for Perry Barr Retired Greyhound Trust. Hoodad went to college in Sutton so he likes going back. We parked up at the car park and then went in a metal box (lift) to see Sam and Simon who were running the event.

Lots of people were kindly giving us money for our tins. We saw lots of other grey owners and 5 or 6 people who were really keen to adopt a greyhound.

For the kids Simon was busy running a pick an egg competition. This proved really popular and all the prizes went so he brought out his back up game roll 4 dice and the higher the score the better the prize.

Star wanted a go but I distracted her by saying look at Buddy wrapped up with his mini hooman in a blanket.

It was Buddy's first time out in an event he only found his forever home 4 weeks ago. He did really well getting cuddles from everyone. Buddy was just one of the hounds getting cuddles along with Star, Zac, Gladys, Neve, Harrison, Woody, Blue, Dingo, Toby and Jo and we raised £753.77. Fantastic!

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