Friday, 22 March 2013

Holibobs in Devon

Today I'm going for a long weekend in Devon to stay in a caravan. Two things I have never done before visit Devon or stay in a caravan so I'm an excited hound.

This was the weather from the rear and front windows of our house this morning. We left just gone 10 and heading to Chipping Sodbury. Hoomans left Star and I in the car when they went to Hobbs House bakery and butchery. What's so special about this shop? well it's where the fabulous baker brothers Tom and Henry have their shop. They have a famous series on more 4 on the telly.
Hoomans got some sausages, I hope I get to try some.

When they came back fresh after a drink and a bacon bap (didn't bring any doggie bag for me so it must have been good!) they decided to take us out for a walk along a very wet and muddy path.

Then back in the car to dry off and a doggie nap. Zzzzz
We arrived at Dawlish Sands holiday park at 4pm. Hoomans got a big sleeps 8 caravan there is only 2 hoomans and 2 hounds so lots of spare room.
We went to Morrisons and it's still raining as we dragged round the car park for tiddles! Us hounds really don't like heavy rain.
After my tea it was time for more snoozes after a busy day.

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